5,500: University of Nevada, Reno Safety Policy

Revised: August, 2015

It is a policy of the University of Nevada, Reno to ensure safe and healthy learning, research, work, entertainment, and student living environments for faculty, staff, students and visitors. Protection of the environment, responsible resource utilization, security of university assets, and full regulatory accountability are inherent elements of this policy.

The University Safety Policy enables adoption of specific topical policies which are recommended by the Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Department and/or university safety committees. 

Administrative Responsibilities:

Final responsibility for maintenance of campus environmental, safety and health standards rests with the President. The President has delegated to each dean, director, chairperson, and supervisor the responsibility for ensuring safe conditions and behaviors within their respective units. Supervisors must ensure that employees and students are aware of hazardous products, operation, or situations and that they understand how to avoid or limit risks. High levels of safety awareness and positive safety attitudes developed by supervisors lead to positive safety behaviors among staff and students even when specific rules are not established. Supervisors are expected and encouraged to request information and assistance from EH&S when necessary. 

All faculty, staff and students must be vigilant in order to avoid unsafe acts which could jeopardize their own health and safety, or which could put others at risk. Everyone is expected to learn and follow approved standards, processes and procedures which apply to their activities, and to check with their supervisors when they have any concerns regarding potential hazards or individuals' obligations to protect the environment.

Environmental Health and Safety Department:

Through the Vice President for Research and Innovation, the President has delegated to the Director of EH&S the responsibility and authority for assuring overall compliance with university environmental health and safety standards, University of Nevada, Reno policies developed by the safety committees, University of Nevada, Reno safety documents and applicable safety regulations. The full-time professional EH&S staff is qualified and authorized to assess, monitor and manage all areas of safety . EH&S staff shall remain current on regulatory requirements and on the latest professional practices which can be applied to effectively achieve compliance.

EH&S manages radioactive materials and hazardous waste chemicals. It also assists with management of biological hazards, conducts industrial hygiene projects, audits compliance with work place safety requirements, supports multiple aspects of laboratory safety and emergency preparedness, and provides various forms of safety education and training to staff and students. Overall, the department helps to develop, communicate and uphold high university safety standards which, in the process, will also meet regulatory requirements. 

The following policies have been developed to address specific safety topics and are approved university environmental health and safety standards: