Winter break housing

Our department offers housing over winter break and Wintermester (December 17 - January 22) to students who have extenuating circumstances and have already been approved to remain on campus for the remainder of the Fall 2020 semester. Students should have completed an application on their Housing Portal by Sunday, November 15. If you have been approved to remain on campus but did not complete this application, please contact

Winter break and Wintermester housing

Sierra Hall and Uncommon are the two complexes where student will stay temporarily over the break. Each student will have their own room and bathroom (for roommates who want to remain together, please let us know). Each building will have a service desk open 24/7 and Residential Life staff to oversee the building and safety protocols.

The following information is critical for you to know related to winter break housing:

  • You will maintain the temporary housing assignment you received November 18 through January 22
  • While do you do not need to remove all belongings from your room to the temporary room (unless living in Whitney Peak), we recommend taking essentials and any materials you need for your Wintermester courses with you
  • Please know the housing charge for this entire time frame is $560, which will be assessed to your account in early December and due prior to Dec. 17

Dining on campus

  • Winter break and Wintermester (December 17 – January 22) - There will be limited dining options available on campus during this time frame (please visit the Joe Crowley Student Union Hours of Operation for more details).
  • Saturday, January 23 – the first meal of the Spring semester will be dinner in the Den. All other dining venues that were open this semester will reopen Monday, January 25.