Petition to break the license agreement

When applying to live on campus, students sign an academic year Student Housing and Meal Plan License Agreement.   

As stated in the agreement, only the following reasons will be considered to break the license agreement, as they are considered “Qualifying Events:”

  • Resident withdraws from University for medical reasons
  • Resident is drafted or commissioned by the U.S. Armed Forces for active duty
  • Resident participates in University Study Abroad Program
  • Resident graduates in December


On-campus living is similar to living off-campus. Individuals living in apartments are still responsible for rent or those with homes must pay the mortgage. By agreeing to live on campus for the academic year, students are responsible for the terms and conditions of the agreement. While a student's situation may have changed, Residential Life, Housing, and Food Services is still committed to several expenses (facility bond payments, utilities, staffing, etc.), similar to off-campus entities like an apartment complex or bank/mortgage company. 

Petition to break the agreement

If students wish to complete a Petition to Break the License Agreement based on unforeseen extreme medical conditions or significant financial hardship, both experienced after moving into on-campus housing, please fill out the Petition to Break the Housing License Agreement