Fall move-in day

Whether you are joining us for the first time or you are returning to the residence halls, we ask that you become familiar with the process for move-in, as it may look different year to year.

To ensure a safe and efficient move-in experience, students living on campus for 2021-2022 will need to arrive on campus August 12-15.  More information will be shared in June regarding details for move-in as it will be influenced by directives from the Washoe County Health District, Governor's office, and the Center for Disease Control related to safety due to the pandemic.

We envision one of two options occurring for move-in in August 2021:

  1. Students will receive an email in June with the link specific to their hall to sign up for a day and hour-long check-in time. Failure to sign up for a time will likely cause a significant delay when students arrive on campus to check-in. Students receiving an assignment after this email has been will have a link to sign up for a move-in date/time in their assignment email.
  2. Students will receive an email in early August with a specific date and time when we need them to arrive on campus and check-in.  This date and time combination will be due to a myriad factors, including but not limited to (available parking, elevator and stairwell access, traffic flow, number of students on a floor, among others). Failure to arrive during this alloted time will cause a significant delay when students arrive on campus to check-in.  

What to pack

Please visit our What to Bring and What to Leave at Home page for the list of items we recommend bringing with you as you transition to your new home on campus.

Traveling to campus

Please visit our Driving to Campus page where you will find specific driving directions to each residence hall move-in location. 

Expectations for move-in under COVID conditions

The following expectations are in place to ensure the health and safety of ALL community members:

  • Each resident will be limited to ONE personal vehicle within the unloading zone.  This is limited to sedans, SUVs and pick-up trucks; large moving trucks (i.e. U-Haul or Penske box trucks) may not be accommodated within the unloading zones.
  • When you arrive at the unloading zone of your residence hall, our staff MAY give you a parking pass (this is dependent on protocols related to COVID).
  • In order to comply with social distancing measures, we need you to limit the number of friends/family who will help you move-in. We ask for only one helper per resident. It is possible depending on foot traffic, our staff may need to limit friends/family from accessing the building.
  • We will likely not be able to have any volunteers or staff on hand to provide moving assistance.
  • Due to health and safety, it is likely hand trucks and carts will not be available. We recommend you bring your own.
  • In general, the moving experience tends to occur during a hot time of year; we recommend you and your helpers plan accordingly. Due to COVID, there will be no drinking fountains or public water containers, so please bring your own water.

Note: For more information about requesting to arrive early, please visit the housing website

Checking in

In order to comply with social distancing directives, and to best accommodate the volume of move-ins, you MUST do the following within the check-in time frame: 

  1. Check-in at your hall during the time you signed up for.
  2. Move your items from the vehicle into your room as quickly as possible. If you need more than an hour, please contact us at housing@unr.edu so we can plan accordingly in order to not cause delays for you and other residents. You can set up your room after you have unloaded your vehicle and parked it outside the unloading zone.
  3. Remove your vehicle from the unloading zone by the end of the one-hour check-in time frame and relocated it to a designated parking area.

Parking your vehicle after move-in

After you have done your best to move your belongings from your car to your room within an hour, we need you to move your vehicle so other residents can move in. Vehicles should park in the designated location of the University-issued permit:

Sierra Street Parking Garage

Please move to levels 3-5 to allow other residents to unload on level 1 and 2.

  • Canada Hall
  • Juniper Hall
  • Manzanita Hall
  • Nevada Living Learning Community (LLC)
  • Sierra Hall

Brian Whalen Garage (top floor)

  • Great Basin Hall

The Green Lot in North Campus

  • Uncommon

Circus Circus Parking Garage

  • Canyon Flats

If you do not have a University-issued parking pass, you will need to find street parking. Please note Parking Services will strictly enforce parking permits starting on the first day of class.


Residential meal plans officially start on Sunday, August 15 as part of NevadaFit. Nevada Dining is currently exploring options for students to be able to use their meal plans for brunch and dinner in the Den (located just East of Great Basin Hall) August 12-15. 

Anticipated Hours (to be confirmed by August 1)

  • Brunch: 10:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
  • Dinner: 4:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Additional dining venues will open on August 23rd.  Please visit the Nevada Dining website for more information on dining venues, hours, meal plans, and meal trades.

Please be aware that social distancing and limited seating is in place at ALL dining venues.

Mail and packages

Please visit our Addresses and Phone Numbers page for details about where to send packages and where residents can pick them up.


Your roommate information can be found online by logging in to your housing portal. Our software will allow you to view the name(s) and email address(es) of your roommate(s). Please email them to exchange contact information. We highly encourage you to talk over the phone with each other as you begin to connect and make plans for setting up your room

Vaccination requirements

  • If you are a freshman and under the age of 23, you are required to submit proof of Meningitis vaccination by visiting the Immunizations page on the University's website. If you received your vaccination prior to August 31, 2016, you will need an updated vaccination prior to move-in.
  • If there are any requirements and/or restrictions related to a COVID-19 vaccine, this information will be share by email with residents (and this site will be updated).  To date, there are no requirements/restrictions in place.


Room and Board charges will be reflected on your MyNevada account within 10 business days of being assigned, along with tuition and fees.

Room changes

If for some reason you desire a room change, you may complete a Room Change Request Form after August 23, 2020, by logging into your housing portal. We will accept Room Change requests for the first two weeks of the fall semester. Requests are accommodated as spaces become available.

Meal plan changes

You may change your meal plans once from August 19, 2020, through 5 p.m., September 10, 2021, by completing the meal plan change form on your housing portal. Changes after September 10th are for meal plan increases only. To learn more about our dining program, please review our campus dining information.

We look forward to your arrival! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Residential Life, Housing, and Food Services office at (775) 784-1113.

Additional information