About us

About Residential Life, Housing and Food Services

As a university, we are consistently improving strategies and practices to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for students, staff and faculty. As a Student Services division, we are working to create a more interconnected work culture and have a culture-shifting strategic plan for diversity, equity and inclusion. This plan will help us increase the retention of students and staff, in particular individuals from marginalized and minoritized identities.

Within this context, Residential Life, Housing, and Food Services is developing an infrastructure grounded in the following values to better support students of all identities as they live on campus.

Student development

Integration of academics with the larger scope of personal growth and global awareness by promoting the whole student experience.  


We believe in personal responsibility from our staff and our students to encourage accountability and consistency within our department. 


We must be willing to learn about privileges and barriers within our own identities as well as those of others in order to sustain an environment that is accessible and welcoming. 


With the encouragement of connectivity we foster safe living environments that are secure, well maintained and comfortable.  We strive to create a feeling of home where the community is invested in the well-being of each other.  

Collaborative service

We ensure excellent customer service by maintaining teamwork within our own department and across campus by providing our students with resources that are innovating, informative and reliable.