The University of Nevada, Reno is committed to making all students feel welcome and comfortable and able to fully enjoy the use of their residence hall accommodations.  Provided below is information concerning disabilities, service animals and emotional support animals, but we encourage you to contact us right away if there is any way we can make your experience more enjoyable, regardless of whether you have a disability or not.  We evaluate every request on a case-by-case basis and have a team of professionals dedicated to making reasonable accommodations. For more information regarding animals on university property, please see the University Administrative Manual.

Students with disabilities

We have a proud tradition of granting reasonable accommodations to our rules, policies, practices, or services when such accommodations are necessary to afford people with disabilities an equal opportunity to use and enjoy their dwellings.  A reasonable accommodation may include a change or exception to a rule or policy that is needed because of a person's disability, or it may be a physical change to a unit or common area. Our policy is to provide reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities whenever an individual has a disability and there is a disability related need for an accommodation. A disability-related need for accommodation exists when there is an identifiable relationship between the requested accommodation and the individual's disability.

If you have a disability that may require a reasonable accommodation, please indicate your disability on the housing application.  Since assignment is made on a space available basis, early application is essential. We also encourage you to register with the Disability Resource Center.

To ensure timely review and approval of your accommodation(s) please complete these steps as soon as possible and respond immediately to any follow-up inquiries from the Disability Resource Center or Housing Office.

Service animal or emotional support animal

A service animal, defined as any animal individually trained or being trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, is permitted.  An emotional support animal, defined as an animal that is necessary to afford a person with a disability an equal opportunity to enjoy a dwelling unit, may be permitted for students living in a residence hall.  Students wishing to bring a service animal or emotional support animal to campus may apply to the Disability Resource Center for approval.