Student Handbook


Welcome to the residence halls! We're glad you've chosen to make the halls your home, and we hope to help you make this an exciting and productive year.  This handbook is your essential guide to residence hall life – from check-in to checkout. In it, you'll find information about services, facilities, procedures and regulations. When you signed your Residence and Dining Hall License Agreement, you also agreed to abide by the terms of this handbook, which is a part of the License Agreement. Please read it carefully! 

While every effort is made to keep this information current, please be aware that Residential Life, Housing and Food Services reserves the right to change or update this handbook, modify policies or otherwise adjust the content of this document as needed or required to fulfill the mission of the department. For the most current version of this document, department policies, standards of conduct or other information, please refer to the departmental website.

Vision statement

Residential Life, Housing and Food Services aspire to set the standard for excellent on-campus housing and dining as the needs and interests of students shift over time. 

Mission statement

Residential Life, Housing and Food Services staff members are committed to developing the whole student by supporting academic success, promoting inclusivity, fostering personal responsibility, and providing a safe and well-maintained environment as they learn life-long skills as global citizens. 

Equity statement

Residential Life, Housing and Food Services promotes and strives to sustain a culture that welcomes and embraces inclusivity. We are committed to continuously examine and dismantle the ways we perpetuate and participate in systematic oppression and work together to take a stand against issues of racism, power, privilege and systems of oppression to better support our community. 


  1. Student development: Integration of academics with the larger scope of personal growth and global awareness by promoting the whole student experience
  2. Integrity: We believe in personal responsibility from our staff and our students to encourage accountability and consistency within our department
  3. Inclusion: We must be willing to learn about privileges and barriers within our own identities as well as those of others in order to sustain an environment that is accessible and welcoming
  4. Safety: With the encouragement of connectivity we foster safe living environments that are secure, well maintained and comfortable.  We strive to create a feeling of home where the community is invested in the well-being of each other
  5. Collaborative service: We ensure excellent customer service by maintaining teamwork within our own department and across campus by providing our students with resources that are innovating, informative and reliable