Living Learning Communities (LLCs)

In these communities, students with shared academic, social and cultural interests live on the same floor and attend courses together. This experience is considered a "high-impact practice," promoting the following:

  • Higher grade point averages
  • Higher first-year to second-year retention rate
  • Students less likely to be academically dismissed after their first year of college
  • Higher percentage of students graduating on time
  • A greater sense of community and belonging than non-LLC students, especially at research-intensive institutions

Living Learning Communities are grounded in the belief that learning is an active and dynamic process that occurs inside and outside the classroom.​ With faculty and staff directly connected to LLCs, residents have more opportunities to build relationships with professors and invested campus partners right where they live. Residents in LLCs benefit from additional resources, support, and enhanced activities centered around a specific focus in order to elevate their Wolf Pack experience.

Beginning the 2023-2024 academic year, students who select to live in a LLC are responsible for a $100 student fee for the academic year ($50 for each semester). This fee helps cover items like LLC-specific programs, academic mentors who assist with in-hall tutoring and LLC resident assistants. This fee is added when Housing assignments are made, confirming that a student is assigned to a space in a Living Learning Community. Payment for the fee is due when all tuition and fees are due. Our department works with campus partners and potential donors to offer scholarships to provide financial assistance for students in the LLCs. 

Student outcomes

As a result of actively participating in Living Learning Communities, students will be able to:

  • Interact and engage with academic and administrative faculty outside of the classroom
  • Develop personal relationships with peers of similar academic, social and cultural interests
  • Take at least one shared required course with others in their living learning community
  • Attend programs and events relevant to their major or common focus
  • Receive academic advising and other academic services in their residence hall

Living Learning Communities

Each LLC was named by its participants. The following communities and their locations have been updated for the 2024-2025 academic year. If you have any questions, please contact us.

What do I need to do to apply for a living learning community?

Apply for on-campus housing

Apply for housing and submit the initial payment.

You do not need to wait to be accepted to the University to apply for housing.  As soon as you apply for the University and have your NSHE ID, you can apply for housing. However, as a reminder, receiving a housing assignment does not indicate acceptance to the University.

Living Learning Communities

  • We strongly recommend all students explore Living Learning Communities (LLCs) when applying to live on campus.  LLC students tend to have higher GPAs and persist to an on time graduation more than most other student populations.
  • During the housing assignments process, indicating an interest in living learning communities will supersede all other buildings and roommate preferences
  • If students have already taken or tested out of the required courses for the living learning communities in which they are interested, they may be considered ineligible.
  • Living Learning Community spaces are filled on a first-come-first-served based on housing application date and meeting eligibility requirements. Application to the Living Learning Community does not guarantee acceptance to a community.
  • Students who apply and are eligible for freshman registration will be contacted regarding their eligibility for the Living Learning Community beginning in January.

Become eligible for freshman registration

Complete the following tasks in MyNevada:

  • Making your $250 Advanced Registration payment
  • Completing your Advanced Registration Questionnaire
  • Submit all required immunization records