Community standards

The Community Standards are designed to encourage you to take responsibility for your actions and to ensure that the rights of all community members are respected. As a resident of Ponderosa Village, you are adhering to policies under the University of Nevada Student Conduct Regulations and Policies which apply to property owned or controlled by the University.  Violations of these Community Standards may lead to eviction.

As residents of Ponderosa Village, you are expected to follow federal, state and local law, adhere to the conduct code of the University as well as abide by the lease.

The Office of Student Conduct has the responsibility to address violations of the Student Code of Conduct. Violations of the campus code that occur in or around Ponderosa Village are addressed by Residence Life staff members, who may act on behalf of the Office of Student Conduct. Due to the standards of behavior on the University, many violations that occur on any on-campus housing are violations of the campus code. Any violations of law or state statute on or near campus property are handled as criminal matters by the University Police Department.