Compensation for Postdoctoral Fellows

Compensation Information Relevant to Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Additional Compensation

    2,636: Postdoctoral Fellows

    Academic Overload

    Postdoctoral fellows may receive overload pay to teach a maximum one-course overload per semester under special circumstances comparable to the provision for overloads for academic faculty, see sections 2,512 and 2,690. An overload for a postdoctoral fellow requires approval from the faculty mentor, department chair, dean, and Provost's Office. Teaching a course should typically be done as an offload rather than an overload; therefore, justification for an overload should provide information on the need for the overload and how it benefits the postdoctoral fellow and the department. There is no restriction on the amount of the salary for the overload except that the overload salary supplement cannot create a salary total that exceeds the maximum monthly salary level allowed for postdoctoral fellows. The overload salary is to be paid in the months that the work is done and cannot be spread over additional months if the sole purpose of spreading the pay is to pay an amount that would be in excess of the maximum if paid during the months that the work is done.

  • Salary Increases

    Postdoctoral fellows may receive a salary increase no more frequently than once per 12 months. The salary increase can occur at any time during the year (does not have to be July 1) and typically coincides with funding cycles tied to the grant providing the postdoctoral fellow's salary. During the first 12 months after the initial hire date, a postdoctoral fellow may receive a raise at any time; the next raise cannot occur for a minimum of 12 months after the first raise. A salary increase up to 10% may be granted by the dean. A salary increase in excess of 10% must be approved by the Provost's Office. There is no obligation to provide a cost of living adjustment to a postdoctoral fellow when COLA is granted to faculty or classified employees. Neither the faculty nor classified merit policies apply to postdoctoral fellows. An increase can be granted to a Postdoctoral fellow using Request Compensation Change in Workday.