Employee Resources

Employee resources

Supporting achievements worth celebrating. Every day.

New Employees

Resources for employees new to the Reno-Tahoe area and/or University of Nevada, Reno campus.

GAs & Students

Graduate Assistantship and Student Employment Program information, including salaries and handbooks.


Mandatory supervisor training and professional development opportunities for faculty and staff.


Information about planning international travel for faculty and students.

Commitment to Diversity

The Human Resources Department is committed to supporting and providing service to faculty and staff who educate our students, create our future and strengthen our community while valuing diversity, equity and inclusion for the entire University community. Human Resources ensures fair and inclusive recruitment processes, equitable pay methods, an array of benefits to meet the needs of our diverse employee population and unbiased practices which fosters mutual respect. We strive to model behavior which fosters a culture of excellence, inclusion and equality. 

Diversity Initiatives   Diversity Committees & Groups