Diversity Committees & Affinity Groups

The University of Nevada, Reno has several Diversity Committees and Affinity Groups focusing on campus-wide diversity initiatives. They are part of a structure for issues- and constituent-based action to ensure that many groups are working to create a diverse and welcoming campus climate.

The University Diversity Committees are open to all faculty and staff who wish to volunteer to participate in a variety of new and established initiatives and program development opportunities. Membership meetings are normally held monthly Sept.-Dec. and Feb.-May during the academic year.

Students can participate in several student-centered committees offered through The Center.

Committee on The Status of Women

Commitee on the status of women and painting of woman

The Committee on the Status of Women (CSW) is composed of faculty, staff, and students who are concerned with gender equity on campus. The committee engages in projects that address the concerns of women on campus and provide support and networking opportunities of the University of Nevada, Reno women. Learn more about the Committee on the Status of Women.

University Disability Advocacy

Student in wheelchair working at a computer

The University Disabilities Advocacy Committee works with campus units to ensure disability and safety compliance is in effect for all campus spaces. It also promotes and sponsors key events such as Disability Awareness Month. Learn more about the University Disabilities Advocacy Committee.

Work, Life and Family Council

Students with babies in classroom

The University's Work, Life and Family Council (WLFC) has put together this compendium of on- and off-campus resources to assist campus members in managing that tricky balance. Learn more about the University's Work, Life and Family Resources.

LGBTQ+ Task Force

Rainbow flag and Wolf Pack flag

The LGBTQ+ Task Force makes ongoing assessment of attitudes and conditions throughout the University regarding gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, and Queer persons and issues. Learn more about the LGBTQ+ Task Force.

Cultural Diversity Committee

CDC Committee and people meeting

The Cultural Diversity Committee (CDC) is for those interested in equity and diversity programming on campus. Current programming goals include an annual conference and a sub-committee focused on creating a forum for ongoing dialogue. Learn more about the Cultural Diversity Committee.

Faculty Diversity Committee

Faculty observing commencement

The Faculty Diversity Committee (FDC) supports the University's mission to "Reflect and respect the rich ethnic and cultural diversity of the citizens of Nevada in its academic and support programs, and in the composition of its faculty, administration, staff, and student body." Learn more about the Faculty Diversity Committee.

Diversity Council

Spring flowers and Frandsen Hall on background

The Diversity Council, chaired by the Chief Diversity Officer, is comprised of members of the University campus who are responsible for diversity related programs. Learn more about the Diversity Council.

Hispanic Serving Institution Task Force

Hispanic Serving Institution Task Force and smiling female student

The Hispanic Serving Institution Task Force is charged with creating the strategic action plan to help the University increase its Hispanic enrollment to 25 percent FTE in the near future, and to help these students graduate. Learn more about the Hispanic Serving Institution Task Force.


Members of Alianza posing on a stairway

Alianza is dedicated to creating a collaborative and generative environment to address topics relevant to Chincanx, Latinx, Indigenous and other underrepresented groups to advance education, research, professional development and diversity initiatives. Learn more about Alianza.