2021 Northern Nevada Diversity Summit

No Going Back: Building Empowered and Resilient Communities

The Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) organizes two annual diversity summits, one in Northern Nevada and one in Southern Nevada, which are daylong events including tracks and sessions related to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), and the connections to student success initiatives, workforce and economic development, community engagement, and pipelines to higher education.

These events are free of charge and all faculty, staff and students of NSHE institutions, and community partners are invited to attend.

The 2021 Northern Nevada Diversity Summit, No Going Back: Building Empowered and Resilient Communities, was held on April 8, 2021, in a virtual format, in compliance with our institutional Spring 2021 operating plan.

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The summit offered attendees the opportunity to learn about new ideas and emerging and practices as well as network with campus and community leaders. The theme for this year’s summit was decided by the Cultural Diversity Committee, in consideration of the multiple and unique events experienced by our universities’ communities and the nation, and in recognition of how varied those experiences have been and continue to be. The COVID-19 pandemic and the racial and social justice demands, all amid an extremely divisive political climate, are clear examples of those current and urgent challenges. This year, the summit offered the opportunity to explore and advance those shared and particular experiences, as well as longstanding and connected histories, to strengthen and advance a broad spectrum of diverse, inclusive and equity-guided understandings.

Diversity Summit goals

  • Present challenges relating to these tensions
  •  Propose potential changes and solutions
  • Create a space for students, community members and higher education practitioners to share resources, programs and research, as well as engage in conversation related to the topic.

Possible areas of discussion

  • Diverse and intersectional definitions
  • Social wellness and resiliency
  • Increasing groups self-direction and autonomy
  • Advancing national/social reconstruction in health, economic and civil rights
  • Other

Contact information

Questions about the Diversity Summit should be directed to Cheyenne Magpantay at cheyennem@unr.edu.