University Disability Advocacy Committee


The University Disability Advocacy Committee is composed of faculty, staff and students who advocate for disability awareness and training at the University. The committee reports to the President through the Chief Diversity Officer.


  • Building Evacuation Training
    • In a collaborative effort with Environmental Health & Safety (EHS), the UDAC will be supporting the effort for building evacuations as they pertain to students and employees with disabilities.

    • UDAC Role:
      • Coordinating efforts to identify one Able Bodied Volunteers (ABVs), per department, that will assist and facilitate the evacuation of individuals in need of assistance.
      • Train ABVs to use the evacuation equipment.
  • Disability Awareness Training and Facilitation
    • In a collaborative effort with Teaching and Learning Technology (TLT) and Library Services, the UDAC will be gathering information and creating an orientation packet for Faculty new hires. In addition, this packet will detail resources and procedures available on campus, and explain the process for working with the DRC.
    • We will be creating a Disability Awareness website, which will be directed toward Faculty and Staff, explain the intricacies of diversity, empathy, and inclusion for students with disabilities.

Who to contact?

Chair: Shane Carter, email:, phone: (775) 784-6000

Useful Resources

Disability Resource Center website: