Domestic partnership benefits

The University of Nevada, Reno has a strong commitment to a University community that welcomes, encourages, and supports diversity among students, staff, faculty, alumni, and associates. Consistent with this commitment, and to the extent allowable under the laws of the State of Nevada and the United States of America, the University of Nevada, Reno, provides benefits and privileges to Declared Domestic Partners* of employees and to the eligible children of that partnership as follows:

*Information and related forms regarding Domestic Partnership Filing for the State of Nevada are found on the website for the Nevada Secretary of State.

Important differences represented by individuals in the University's pluralistic culture are supported through additional programs and services for students:

Eligible students may insure their dependents, such as spouse or domestic partner and children under 26 years of age, in the Student Insurance Plan. The dependent must be enrolled for the same term of coverage as the insured student. Addition of dependents to an Insured Student's insurance plan must be done by contacting the University's student health insurance broker, Wells Fargo Insurance, at 800-853-5899. Details may be found at the UnitedHealthCare site.

The above summary is a general overview. It is not intended as a complete description of the benefits offered. In accordance with applicable laws, the University of Nevada, Reno, may amend, modify, terminate, or discontinue any or all of the programs described herein at any time and in its sole discretion.

Summary of benefits for domestic partners

Medical Insurance (PEBP)

Full domestic partner* insurance coverage

Nevada Public Employees Benefit Program

PERS survivor benefits

A spouse or domestic partner* is a member's primary beneficiary under NRS 286.674 and may be eligible to receive a lifetime benefit in the event of the member's death prior to retirement.

Nevada Public Employees Retirement System

LifeWorks - employee resource program

Full access to LifeWorks program: confidential support to help manage personal issues at work or at home. Services include: consultations, counseling, research, health, money, family issues.

LifeWorks (user id: NSHE password: eap)


The University of Nevada, Reno provides its staff and faculty, as well as eligible family members, access to reduced-rate educational opportunities. Benefits vary by employee type.

Educational Benefits for University Employees

Medical Leave

Available leave may to be taken to take care of the domestic partner* (sick leave, FMLA)

Supplemental Benefits

Voluntary benefits are available to employees and their spouses/domestic partners*. Please check polices with individual vendors.

Business Center North Voluntary Benefits