Work, Life and Family Council

We all play many roles in our lives, many of them simultaneously, and our careers are just one of the many hats we wear. We are also spouses, parents, caregivers, volunteers, and individuals who need time to manage stress, maintain health, and have fun along the way.

The University of Nevada, Reno campus and the greater Truckee Meadows provide countless resources to assist everyone in the campus community in enhancing their work-life or student-life balance. The University's Work, Life and Family Council (WLFC) has put together this compendium of on- and off-campus resources to assist campus members in managing that tricky balance.

Included here you will find information for parents, caregivers of the elderly, resources to enhance personal health and manage stress, and links and FAQs related to the Family Medical Leave Act and domestic partnerships.

If you see something missing or would like to contribute to this collection of resources, please contact WLFC executive board.

WLFC Executive Board

The mission statement of the WLFC

The Work, Life, & Family Council is committed to supporting members of the university community in their full engagement in their personal and professional lives. We advocate for the on-going development of institutional policies and resources and a culture supportive of families and individual well-being. We communicate important information about services and events that help individuals thrive at work and at home.