Lactation rooms

Lactation rooms offer a space where you can comfortably and privately pump or breastfeed your baby.

Currently there are three lactation spaces available on campus:

  • Cain Hall, Room R201A
  • Joe Crowley Student Union
  • Pennington Medical Education Building Room 208B

There is also an office sharing program.

Joe Crowley Student Union

The lactation room is located on the third floor of the Joe Crowley Student Union in the theatre dressing room. Please ask a staff member in the JCSU Administrative Offices on the 4th floor to get access to the room or call (775) 784-6505. There is no equipment provided in this space.

Cain Hall

Anna Kalminskaia
Edmund J. Cain Hall, 235H
Office: (775) 682-8887
Fax: (775) 784-4197

Michelle M. Wilson, Ph.D.
Edmund J. Cain Hall 241V
Office: (775) 682-8902
Fax: (775) 784-4197

To access the lactation room in Cain Hall, please contact Anna Kalminskaia or Michelle Wilson, listed above. Users will then be sent an access form to fill out and return. Once returned, users will gain access to the lactation room calendar in order to book time in the room, as well as the access code to enter the room. The room in Cain Hall is equipped with a Medela Lactina Dual-Pump and a refrigerator. Please bring your own connectors.

Pennington Medical Education Building

This room is not intended to be a lunchroom, but instead a space for lactation, a private phone conversation, or one-on-one meeting with a colleague or student. The room is utilized on a first come, first served basis.

The room is open to anyone on campus who is in need of a space to express milk. The space has a power strip, but no refrigerator.

Office-sharing program

In addition to the designated lactation spaces on campus, a network of University employees with private offices is available. This network is made up of volunteers who are willing to share their offices in order to provide private, convenient, and comfortable rooms for pumping, especially for those who work too far from the designated lactation spaces to use them within their scheduling constraints.

To learn if there is a volunteer in close proximity to your workspace, please contact Dianna Townsend, Associate Professor of Literacy Studies, at Dr. Townsend will connect you with the volunteers who are closest to your workspace. You can then work with one or more volunteers to schedule times for breastfeeding or pumping needs, during which the volunteers will work in a different area.