Lactation/Quiet Rooms

Lactation/quiet rooms, also known as LQR’s, are available both on and off-campus for all students, staff, faculty, and visitors. LQR’s are reserved for use by those needing a private place to express breast milk, breast/chest feed infants, to pray, administer medication or for those with panic/anxiety disorders. In most cases, users will need to seek advance approval and a key or keycode prior to visiting an LQR. Click on the locations below for details about each space. 

The University supports breastfeeding employees. Read our policy, 2,180: Support of Breastfeeding Employees.

Lactation room locations

Currently, there are 9 lactation spaces available on campus and three off campus:

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This webpage is maintained by the Committee on the Status of Women’s Lactation Advocacy Subcommittee. Our mission is to expand access to dedicated lactation rooms wherever employees and students are located, maintain clean and welcoming rooms for the comfort of nursing parents, and provide lactation resources for parents new to campus or returning from maternity leave.

If you need help locating a lactation space that meets your needs, please contact the Lactation Advocacy Subcommittee at