Cultural Diversity Committee

What is the Cultural Diversity Committee?

The Cultural Diversity Committee (CDC) includes academic and administrative faculty, staff and students that are interested in equity and diversity on campus. The committee reports to the President through the Chief Diversity Officer. Two sub-committees exist within the CDC in which members have the option in participating in one or both sub-committees.

Diversity Summit Committee: This committee is responsible for organizing the annual Northern Nevada Diversity Summit.

Equity and Inclusion Committee: This committee allows University faculty, staff and students to create action items on things the institution can expand, implement and/or address in relation to equity and inclusion.

Mission Statement

The Cultural Diversity Committee advances the conversation on issues related to equity and diversity and serves as a conduit for social change by being a platform for culturally based discussion, policy critique and review, and networking opportunities amongst Nevada's academic community. 


The CDC was created in the spring of 2013 from the merging of the Multi-Ethnic Coalition (a presidential diversity committee) and the Alliance of Racial Minorities (members of northern NSHE institutions). In the past, the Multi-Ethnic Coalition has sponsored events ranging from film festivals to invited speakers on issues related to cultural diversity and equity. The Alliance of Racial Minorities (ARM), founded in 1983, has been committed to facilitating harmonious living for faculty, staff and students. ARM has sponsored workshops, seminars and conferences, an annual luncheon for new faculty and a speech contest for students.

The merging of the two committees provides a unique opportunity for streamlining and invigorating of a shared mission. Through sponsoring and co-sponsoring of events, the CDC aims to promote the creation of a culturally responsive environment for faculty, staff and students. All members of the campus community are welcomed to join the CDC. Monthly meetings are scheduled regularly during the academic year.

Meeting times

Please contact a Committee Chair for further details.

How do I get involved?

Attend one of our meetings or join the committee through the Faculty Senate's annual request for committee participation.  All participants are welcome!   Contact the chair/co-chairs to confirm meeting location.

Who to contact

  • Committee Co-Chair - Diversity Summit Committee: Sandra Olguin,, (775) 682-7144
  • Committee Co-Chair - Equity and Inclusion Committee: Cherie Youngblood,, (775) 784-4684

Upcoming Events

Northern Nevada Diversity Summit
Thursday, April 11, 2019

Past Initiatives