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Grant-in-aid | Free and reduced-rate tuition for employees and family.

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Please note: Beginning Monday, May 1, all Grants-In-Aid applications for Fall 2023 will only be accepted via the Workday request process. For instructions on completing the Workday grants-in-aid process, please access this Knowledge Base link: Completing the Grants-in-Aid Application Process Fall 2023.

All Summer 2023 applications will follow the existing application process via the Grants-In-Aid Form and submission to Human Resources. If you have already submitted your Fall 2023 application to Human Resources, no further action is required.

Any questions on eligibility or processing can be directed to the HR office at

Faculty Grants-in-Aid

Reduced-rate tuition for academic and administrative faculty, including emeritus faculty, and eligible family

Classified Grants-in-Aid

Complete enrollment, tuition and fee reimbursement for classified employees, and reduced-rate tuition for eligible family

Graduate Assistant Grants-in-aid

Reduced-rate tuition for graduate research assistants (RAs) and graduate teaching assistants (TAs)

LOA Grants-in-Aid

Reduced-rate tuition for all professional staff, including letters of appointment (LOAs) on both "A" and "B" contracts

Med and Postdoc Grants-in-aid

Reduced-rate tuition for medical residents, clinical staff and postdoctoral scholars

Rates and waiver amounts

View grants-in-aid rates and graduate assistant insurance waiver amounts

Student writing in her planner

Elizabeth Phillips

Administrative Assistant, Accounting Student

"If it weren't for our Grants-in-aid program, I wouldn't have had the access I do now to such an amazing education. Thanks to my professors, I've been building on my existing strengths and experience while developing new skills and gaining exposure to new ideas. Each class I’ve taken has provided opportunities for both personal and professional growth.

Through both my work and studies at this University, the countless people I've met have positively influenced who I am today. I am grateful that I've had this opportunity to utilize the University's Grants-in-aid program and I look forward to my graduation."

Procedure, deadlines and restrictions

For reimbursement to occur, the grants-in-aid application form must be submitted each semester for departmental (if an employee) and HR (employee and eligible family) approval by dates listed in the deadlines tab. Please review the restrictions and exclusions tab to verify course and/or program eligibility. You will also want to carefully review the automatic tax withholding tab to see if you or your family's grants-in-aid will result in additional, automatic tax withholding.