Employee relations

Employee Relations at the University of Nevada, Reno and Business Center North (Truckee Meadows Community College, Western Nevada College, Great Basin College, NSHE System Office) is focused on employee success, supervisory and employee coaching, job satisfaction, relationship building and fostering an atmosphere of fairness to all – regardless of rank, title or tenure.

Our team

For questions or concerns, or to speak to someone on the team, please email employeerelations@unr.edu or contact one of our team members directly.

Our services

  • If you're an employee, to the furthest extent possible, we offer confidential support with respect to employee-manager or employee-employee dynamics and other workplace challenges.
  • If you're a manager, the Employee Relations team can help you coach your employees and bring out the best in your team. Perhaps you have difficult feedback to deliver; maybe you are looking for effective ways to recognize your employees' hard work, or perhaps you know your team can be more effective and help you to maximize performance. Employee Relations can share tried-and-tested ideas and inspiration to help you tackle almost any managerial challenge.
  • If you're looking for professional development opportunities, we can help with that, too! Manage your team, improve performance and improve communication. Please see our upcoming classes on the HR training calendar

Current training offerings

Register via the HR training calendar.

BCN campuses (TMCC, WNC, GBC, NSHE-SA) may reach out to employeerelations@unr.edu to register.

  • Classified Work Performance Standards, every other month
  • Classified Performance Evaluation Training, monthly
  • NEW Proactive Coaching Training (all employment types), monthly
  • NEW Navigating Internal Conversations (all employment types), monthly
  • Reasonable Suspicion Training (all employment types), quarterly

Our campuses and Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)

Hot topics

NVeLearn mandatory supervisory trainings

Employee sitting at computerThe State of Nevada requires supervisors of classified employees to undergo supervisory training in several core areas (NAC 284.498). Learn more about what is required on the University of Nevada, Reno Training and Development page. Training is required within specified time frames of 6 and 12 months, depending on the training.

Once supervisors and managers complete the mandatory trainings through NVeLearn, they can upload completed certificates into their Workday profile under the career tab.

For questions on the Mandatory Supervisory trainings, contact EmployeeRelations@unr.edu.

Classified employee performance evaluations

Jesus Murillo-Juarez, classified employee, smiles on the jobClassified performance evaluations are required at three, seven, and 11 months for new hires and annually thereafter. This should be in addition to regular and ongoing supervisory feedback.

A supervisor must complete the Evaluating Employee Performance class in NVeLearn prior to completing a Classified Employee's Performance Evaluation in Workday. In addition, the University offers campus-specific evaluation training, monthly. Register on the training and development calendar.

For questions on the Classified Evaluation process, contact EmployeeRelations@unr.edu.

Coaching for success

Professor meeting with graduate studentCoaching means to train or give instruction. Supervisors' coaching of employees should be an ongoing process to assist and improve employees throughout the year and not just used to address performance or conduct issues.

Coaching should be an ongoing cycle of observation, feedback and support of employees.

Coaching should begin with a supervisor communicating the department’s goals and values, the position's duties and responsibilities and establishing a relationship of honest, open communication with an employee. An effective supervisor observes, assesses current performance, and provides feedback and training opportunities as necessary to ensure employee success.

For more information, tips and ideas for successful coaching, contact EmployeeRelations@unr.edu!

Employee recognition

Framed medal of recognitionHere are some simple, cost-efficient ways to recognize employees in the workplace:

  • Thank each employee personally, don’t forget about those in off-site rural areas. If you can’t thank them in person, draft a handwritten note, make a phone call
  • Write a letter of recommendation or commendation to be placed in the employee’s personnel file
  • Display pictures of your unit employees in a visible area, such as a “Hall of Fame"
  • Post an “Appreciation bulletin board” and encourage employees to write accolades about coworkers
  • Award certificates or plaques
  • Purchase notecards and have each employee recognize a coworker
  • Keep a snack basket of your employee’s favorite snacks

Learn more about how the University of Nevada, Reno recognizes employees on their Employee Recognition page.

Graduate assistant support

Two graduate assistants working in a labIf you are a graduate assistant, we provide support on how to navigate the workplace. We serve as a neutral third party in facilitating conversations with your supervisor/advisor. If you have questions or concerns, we can provide guidance and direction. Reach out to us today at EmployeeRelations@unr.edu.