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Employee Relations

Professional development and confidential support for employees and supervisors.

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Employee Relations at the University of Nevada, Reno is focused on employee success, supervisory and employee coaching, job satisfaction, building relationships and fairness to all regardless of rank, title or tenure.

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  • If you're an employee, we offer confidential support with respect to employee-manager or employee-employee dynamics and other workplace challenges.
  • If you're a manager, the Employee Relations team can help you coach your employees and bring out the best in your team. Perhaps you have difficult feedback to deliver; perhaps you are looking for effective ways to recognize your employees' hard work; or perhaps you know your team can be more effective and help you to maximize performance. Employee Relations can share tried-and-tested ideas and inspiration to help you tackle almost any managerial challenge.
  • If you're looking for professional development opportunities, Janet and Raeven can help with that, too! They can identify resources to help you manage your team, improve performance or improve communication. These topics are available through classes appearing on the HR Training calendar. The Employee Relations team can help customize material to your team’s specific needs.

Supervisor solutions

Each month, the Employee Relations team shares an article with helpful tips and strategies for honing your management skills.

Supervisor Solutions is also featured in Work@Nevada News, the HR newsletter for employees of the University of Nevada, Reno.

  • May 2020 | Employee recognition

    Changes to Classified Employee Evaluation Procedure

    Effective July 1, 2020, the State of Nevada has made major changes to the classified employee performance evaluation process. The changes involve significant updates to the Work Performance Standard form (WPS) and the Employee Report on Performance form (annual performance evaluation).

    BCN Employee Relations is currently developing a training to assist supervisors with this new process. We will notify all supervisors of classified staff when the training is available. The new forms will likewise be available soon on the BCN Human Resources website, and supervisors will receive notification of that as well. 

    The major change to the Employee Report on Performance is that now all classified employees will be evaluated on the same job elements of: Quality of Work; Quantity of Work; Work Habits; Relationships with Other Persons; Taking Action Independently; Meeting Work Commitments; Analyzing Situations and Materials; and, if the employee is a supervisor, Supervising the Work of Other Persons.

    The major change to the Work Performance Standards is that they will now define specifically what it means to “Meet Standards," “Exceed Standards,” and “Does Not Meet Standards.

    Because the new processes will require supervisors to write new Work Performance Standards for each classified employee, the best time to make the change to using the new forms would be immediately following the next annual performance evaluation you have upcoming for each of your staff.

    Additional information and training is coming soon. For questions, please contact our Employee Relations staff:

    Janet AndersonEmployee Relations Director | (775) 784-6978

    Raeven Johnson, Employee Relations Specialist | (775) 784-6011

  • April 2020 | New year, better employee relations

    Mandatory supervisor training

    NVeLearn Logo

    Do you manage one or more classified employees?

    Being on administrative leave or working remotely can be an ideal time for supervisors of classified staff to find time to complete the NVeLearn mandatory supervisor training series offered by Nevada State Department of Human Resources Management. The State of Nevada requires supervisors of classified employees to undergo supervisory training in several core areas. Learn more about what is required on the University of Nevada, Reno Training and Development page.

    For questions on mandatory supervisor training, please contact our Employee Relations staff:

    Janet AndersonEmployee Relations Director | (775) 784-6978

    Raeven Johnson, Employee Relations Specialist | (775) 784-6011

    Learn more about NVeLearn requirements.

  • January 2020 | New year, better employee relations

    New year, better employee relations

    The new year is a great time to look forward and set your intentions for the year. You have an entire twelve months to plan for – a large, blank canvas awaiting your creative and thoughtful strokes.

    If you are a supervisor, take some time to think about what skills you want to hone, and to consider what you might do to get there. As one of the toughest roles one can be charged with, supervision can be a dynamic, challenging, and rewarding experience in which we can always improve ourselves and gain additional insight.

    There are many areas in the workplace that are influenced positively (and potentially negatively) by the words and actions of supervisors. These areas include running effective meetings, creating a positive work environment, helping teams work together effectively, and giving and receiving feedback.

    As you identify areas for growth and set your intentions for the coming year, consider reaching out to us for assistance. Perhaps difficult conversations are something that you struggle with. Or maybe you want to help your employees in producing the best work they can, but you don't know what to change. The Employee Relations Office in BCN HR Shared Services is here for you. We can help you individually, provide group training, or refer you to professional development resources.

    Give us a call – we would love to work with you!

    Janet AndersonEmployee Relations Director | (775) 784-6978

    Raeven Johnson, Employee Relations Specialist | (775) 784-6011

  • February 2020 | Employee recognition

    Employee recognition

    February, the month of love and appreciation for those who are important to us... Do your employees and co-workers hear your appreciation for their talents and contributions? Do they look forward to coming to work and know how their efforts are important to you, your department, and the University?

    Employees who receive regular recognition and praise for their good work increase individual productivity, receive higher loyalty and satisfaction scores from customers, have better safety records and fewer accidents, and are more likely to stay with their organization. Here are some ideas you can use to recognize and encourage positive employee morale in the workplace.

    • Catch your employees doing something right and acknowledge their efforts.
    • Celebrate your team's successes, no matter how small.
    • Meet with your employee or co-worker just to say thanks and express your appreciation for their positive contributions. Don’t discuss other issues, only talk about the good work the employee is doing.
    • Issue a fun award which highlights achievement or appreciation for members of your staff. Make them unique, make them meaningful, make them fun!
    • Bring in a “cocoa cart” on cold days or try to bring in ice-cream sandwiches on a hot day, just to say thanks!
    • Encourage employees to recognize other peers directly and/or create a bulletin board where employees are encouraged to display kudos for their peers.
    • Have a “welcome to work” morning where you bring in coffee and donuts and allow the first part of the day to be spent talking about each other's achievements and contributions to the team and organization.
    • Randomly post thank-you notes to praise employees and peers in their office doors or workstations. If it won't fit on a sticky-note, leave a handwritten card or send a thoughtful email.
    • If someone is out sick for an extended period of time, let them know they are missed. Send a card around the office for everyone to sign, or leave a treat and a "we missed you" note on their desk for them to see when they get back.
    • When reaching important team milestones, celebrate success with your whole team.
    • Provide constructive attention instead of criticizing. Encourage new behaviors and stretch goals. Like the skiing analogy, if you aren't falling, you aren't learning.

    Not sure how or if your employees like to be recognized? ASK! Make it a point to talk to all of your employees and ask what type of recognition they prefer. Remember that everyone is different, so keep an open mind!

    Maya Angelou

    ‚Äč“…people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

    Make someone feel great today; you may be surprised at how it makes you feel.

    Do you have an idea or a story you’d like to share with Employee Relations? They would love to hear from you!

    Janet AndersonEmployee Relations Director | (775) 784-6978

    Raeven Johnson, Employee Relations Specialist | (775) 784-6011