Classified compensation

BCN HR Shared Services is responsible for compensation of Classified Employees.

Salary schedules

Salary schedules (post-COLA, post-PERS rate adjustment), effective July 12, 2021

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Placement into Salary Step

Individuals newly hired to the State of Nevada classified system are to begin at step 1 of the respective classification grade (NAC 284.170). Exceptions may be requested through the Request to Accelerate Salary process provided the strict conditions outlined in NAC 284.204 are met.


Classified employees earn overtime after working more than eight (8) hours in a day, or when they work over 40 hours in a work week if they are on an approved Modified Overtime Agreement. Overtime is compensated either by cash pay at a rate of time and one half, or by compensatory time if an approved Compensatory Time Agreement exists. 

Salary increases

Cost of living adjustments (COLA)

The amount and date of cost of living adjustments are established by the Nevada Legislature and authorized by the Governor. COLA is usually awarded as a percent increase to an employee's base salary. The Nevada Legislature meets during the biennium in odd numbered years at which time they propose increases, if any, and dates of implementation, for the following two fiscal years. COLA is typically allocated effective July 1.

History of cost of living adjustments
Academic year Percentage of increase Date increase granted Recipient
2019-2020 3% 7/1/19 Across the board
2018-2019 3% 7/1/18 Across the board
2017-2018 3% 7/1/17 Across the board
2016-2017 2% 7/1/16 Across the board
2015-2016 1% 7/1/15 Across the board
2014-2015 0% 7/1/14 No COLA adjustment
2013-2014 0% 7/1/13 No COLA adjustment
2012-2013 0% 7/1/12 No COLA adjustment
2011-2012 0% 7/1/11 No COLA adjustment
2010-2011 0% 7/1/10 No COLA adjustment
2009-2010 0% 7/1/09 No COLA adjustment
2008-2009 4% 7/1/08 Across the board
2007-2008 2% 7/1/07 Across the board
2006-2007 4% 7/1/06 Across the board
2005-2006 2% 7/1/05 Across the board
2004-2005 2% 7/1/04 Across the board
2003-2004 0% 7/1/03 No COLA adjustment
2002-2003 4% 7/1/02 Across the board
2001-2002 4% 7/1/01 Across the board
2000-2001 0% 7/1/00 Faculty-No COLA
2000-2001 2% 7/1/00 Classified
1999-2000 0% 7/1/99 No COLA adjustment
1998-1999 3% 7/1/98 Across the board
1997-1998 3% 7/1/97 Across the board
1996-1997 3% 7/1/96 Across the board

Classified employees are eligible for merit step increases annually up to step ten of the respective classification grade. Merit step increases are earned when an employee receives a standard or better evaluation rating and completes one year of service (full-time equivalent is 2088 hours). The maximum merit salary increase is an adjustment of one step, approximately four and one-half percent annually. (NAC 284.194). Merit dates change when employees promote two or more grades.


Please visit our Classification page for more information about the classification process. Increases in pay as a result of reclassification are governed by NAC 284.172.

Temporary salary adjustments

Temporary salary adjustments are awarded under certain conditions, see NAC 284.206.  The Temporary Adjustment to Salary form (NPD-05) is not required at all campuses; please verify with your HR Office.  At UNR, please review the Knowledge Base.