Reasonable Suspicion

What is reasonable suspicion?

Any of the following:

  • The odor of alcohol or a controlled substance on the breath
  • Unsteady gait
  • Slurred speech
  • Difficulty conversing or understanding
  • Dilated or pinpoint pupils
  • Red or glassy eyes
  • Hyperactivity or drowsiness
  • Confusion
  • Anxiety
  • Excessive thirst or hunger
  • Distorted sense of time
  • Flat emotions or exaggerated emotions
  • Difficulty focusing eyes and/or attention
  • Observation of the consumption of alcohol
  • Observation of the possession of a controlled substance or use of a controlled substance that is reported by a credible source

Testing procedures

Initiating/implementing the test

If you suspect an employee is under the influence in the workplace, call DAT (on-site testing) immediately to request an on-site test (775) 356-5554. Provide DAT with an on-site location that is private and has immediate restroom access to meet you and the employee. Give DAT detailed instructions about how to find you, as they may not be familiar with the campus.  

Note: If you believe the employee is engaged in hazardous work (driving, working with machinery, etc.), immediately remove them from the hazardous area. Remain aware of the employee’s whereabouts until the testing can be initiated.

The employee must not be allowed to drive. If the employee leaves the workplace against your instruction at any time during this process, immediately contact UNR Police Services at (775) 745-6195 or the Reno Police Department (911), as the employee may intend to drive their personal vehicle, which may pose a safety risk.

  1. Document the reasons for testing on the Report Form for Suspected Alcohol/Drug Impairment. Ask another supervisor to observe the employee’s behavior as a second opinion, if possible.
  2. Take the employee and a second supervisor to the area where you will meet DAT. Inform the employee that you are concerned about their safety due to your observations and request they submit to a drug and alcohol test. Request the employee sign the Reasonable Suspicion/Post-Accident Alcohol/Drug Test Consent Form.
  3. If the employee agrees to the test, DAT will perform an on-site test. DAT will have the Forensic Drug Testing Custody and Control Form with them.

If the employee refuses to sign the form or submit to the test, there is a place to document this on the Reasonable Suspicion/Post-Accident Alcohol/Drug Test Consent Form and advise the employee that refusal to consent to testing is grounds for dismissal.

After the test

The employee must be transported to their residence:

  1. Contact your institution's or city's police and ask them to transport the employee to their private residence.
    • Allow the employee to call a friend or relative to pick them up.
    • Two supervisors may transport the employee using a State vehicle. This method should be used only if the supervisor deems it can be done safely.
  2. If the employee refuses the above-offered transportation options, they may request transport via cab. The employee is responsible for the cost.
  3. Advise the employee they are on paid administrative leave, and they are not to return to work until they hear from you. 
  4. Contact a BCN Employee Relations representative as soon as possible:

What qualifies as post-accident?

Any of the following:

  • Any accident while the employee is on the premises of the workplace for which the employee receives medical treatment.***
  • Any motor vehicle accident while on University time or in a University vehicle that causes bodily harm of any kind.
  • The operation of a State/University motor vehicle in such a manner as to cause $500 or more worth of property damage.
  • The operation of a motor vehicle in such a manner as to cause two property accidents within a one-year period of time.

*** Applies to accidents occurring while on the workplace premises for which the employee requests or is directed for immediate medical treatment on the accident date. The injury must have occurred during the course of the employee performing the normal scope of their duties. This excludes slips and falls due to inclement weather conditions or other clearly identifiable hazardous conditions. 

Post-Accident Testing Procedures

Immediately following the report of an injury and/or vehicle accident:

  1. Notify your manager.
  2. Call the police if necessary at 911.
  3. Call DAT (775) 356-5554. DAT will come on-site to provide a test for post-motor vehicle accidents that do not require immediate medical evaluation for the driver.  If the employee requires immediate medical treatment, (either post-vehicle accident or other qualifying accident), instruct DAT to meet you at the clinic where the employee will be accessing treatment.  View qualifying clinics on our Workers’ Compensation

Note:  A supervisor can require an employee to submit to a medical evaluation post-accident if a serious injury that may require work restrictions is observed. 

  1. If the employee is medically able, require them to complete the Notice of Injury of Occupational Disease Incident Report-C-1Formand/or the Vehicle Accident Report
  2. Fax the report(s) to Workers’ Compensation at (775) 784-4363or email to
  3. Following the completion of the test, follow the instructions above under the section titled After the Test.