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University-supported international travel – Faculty

The NSHE Chancellor’s Office has authorized the University to resume student and faculty/staff international travel consistent with the University’s pre-COVID-19 policies. The international travel authorization process can be reviewed in Section 1,404 of the University Administrative Manual. Prior restrictions on international travel to Risk Level 4 (COVID-19) destinations, which only allowed travel that was determined to be essential, are lifted. 

The University will permit faculty/staff and students to travel under the following conditions:

  1. All University of Nevada, Reno students and faculty/staff must submit an International Travel Authorization Request 30 days prior to departure to any international destination, including those associated with University faculty-led study abroad programs. 
  2. In accordance with Section 1,404 of the University Administrative Manual, student and faculty/staff international travel request[s] to destinations with a U.S. State Department Risk Level 3 or 4 for safety or health (including COVID-19),  must first be reviewed by the International Travel Committee. Final authority for travel authorizations rests with the Provost.
  3. COVID-19 vaccinations
    1. Faculty/Staff - Prior to departure, faculty/staff must provide proof that they have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or provide documentation that the University has granted faculty/staff a religious or medical exemption, before being allowed to travel to any international destination.
    2. Students – The Center for Disease Control (CDC) strongly recommends that all international travelers be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Students should also beware that many governments require proof of COVID-19 vaccination before allowing individuals to enter their countries.
  4. The University retains the authority to rescind international travel authorizations or recall University students and faculty/staff traveling to or residing at an international destination for any reason, including rescinding or recalling a student or faculty/staff from a destination that has been designated by the U.S. State Department as a Risk Level 4 location.
  5. The University highly recommends that University students and faculty/staff traveling internationally purchase their own travel insurance through CISI or another travel insurance company. Coverage should include health, medically necessary evacuation, and trip interruption expenses that do not exclude COVID-19 related losses.  Contact for more information.

International travel procedures

Employee and volunteer travel

Faculty, classified and contingent workers traveling on work related business.

Graduate teaching / research assistant travel

GAs that are traveling related to their work duties and are in a current paid status

Individual student travel

Undergraduate, graduate, medical or PhD students that are traveling without a University employee leading the trip.

Group student travel

Undergraduate, graduate, medical or PhD students that are traveling as a group with one or more University employees' leading the trip.

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