Grants-in-aid for graduate assistants

Who is eligible

  • Graduate assistants, including research assistants (RAs) and teaching assistants (TAs).

Who is not eligible

  • If the grant funding the Graduate Assistantship does not allow tuition costs, an alternative funding source may be identified. The student will be notified if tuition costs are not included.

What is covered

Grants-in-aid covers up to nine (9) credits for students with full-time (20-hour) state-funded assistantships, as well as the mandatory graduate student health insurance fee. For students with grant- and/or faculty-funded assistantships, please check with your department to determine how many credits are covered.

The grants-in-aid/insurance fee waiver covers graduate-level courses only; however, in instances where a legitimate case can be made for a graduate student to take undergraduate courses (e.g. for a second language), a letter of exception can be addressed to the Graduate Dean for his/her consideration. Additionally, faculty and students need to be aware that federal financial aid can be affected when a student enrolls in both undergraduate- and graduate-level credits.

Federal financial aid is based on full-time enrollment of nine (9) credits of graduate-level courses (600-700 level). An enrollment of less than nine (9) credits of graduate-level courses (600-700 level) will proportionately reduce federal financial aid.

State-funded assistantships (TA/RA) may be held for a maximum of:

  • Three (3) years for master's degree students;
  • Five (5) years for doctoral degree students

For grant- and/or faculty-funded assistantships, please check with your department to determine length of funding.

If a department would like to cover additional credits, they may contact the Cashier's Office.

What is not covered

Students will have to pay remaining portion of tuition, per credit fees and all mandatory and differential fees. Housing, food, books, software and additional course materials are not covered.

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