Academic faculty evaluation

The University of Nevada, Reno uses both Interfolio and the Academic and Administrative Performance Evaluation & Development Process to evaluate, recognize, improve, and sustain quality employee performance within each department, college, school, and division of the University. As part of the evaluation process, faculty are required to draft a role statement outlining how much effort is put toward meeting the strategic mission of the college in teaching, research, and service for the coming year. The faculty member and chair agree on what activities will be considered in the faculty member's evaluation at the end of the year.

Every faculty member's contribution is important to the achievement of the University's mission of teaching, research, and service. Our performance evaluation and development process assists faculty members and supervisors in setting goals, engaging in professional development activities, and measuring and rewarding success.  The Evaluation & Development Process helps faculty to articulate individual goals and achievements in the context of the overall mission of the institution, college, and department and helps their supervisors provide objective and measurable evaluations. The University is committed to individual and collective responsibility for the success of the institution by articulating goals, fostering open dialogue and constructive feedback, emphasizing quality performance, and supporting professional development.

Office of the Provost | General Guidelines for Promotion & Tenure


The University of Nevada, Reno uses Interfolio to gather information relevant to research, teaching and service activities. While faculty enter their activities for each calendar year for purposes of annual review and promotion and tenure, the Office of the Provost uses their records, in turn, to produce reports for academic program review and institutional assessment.


Evaluation procedures and forms

Faculty evaluations occur in Interfolio, however, you can find evaluation documentation for Faculty and Postdoctoral Scholars in the Knowledge Base. Here you will also find articles that cover topics such as compensation grades, employment rules for postdoctoral scholars, tenure extensions, extra duty assignments (summer overload), and more. NetID login is required.