Grants-in-aid for classified employees

Please note: Please complete and print the online grants-in-aid application for Fall 2021 and forward.  The completed application must be initialed and signed by the employee and a supervisor (if applicable a signature line will be listed in the printout).  The form can be returned to Human Resources electronically using “scan and email” or Docusign processes.  Please email forms to,  Campus mail or deliver at the Human Resources Offices at Artemisia Road remain acceptable as well. Learn more about the current Grant-in-Aid Application Process in the Knowledge Base.

The University encourages its Classified employees to pursue training and educational opportunities available to them through the Nevada System of Higher Education institutions. Tuition is paid in full when Classified employees enroll in a course that can apply toward the completion of a degree or is job-related. Job-related courses include those courses needed to enable the employee to meet the standards of performance for the current position; those which update the employee's skills, knowledge, and techniques in the current position; courses that are beneficial to the department's operation; and courses which apply toward the completion of a degree.

For information grants-in-aid for eligible dependents of Classified staff, go to the Classified Employee Family Opportunity Program page.

How to apply

  • Complete the Classified Staff Grants-In-Aid Form form
  • Obtain supervisor and appointing authority's signatures
  • Submit to Human Resources/ MS 0238 for final approval and issuance
  • After the Grant-in-Aid is posted to the student account, Human Resources must be notified of any change to the class to be taken or the employee's status in the approved class


  • Regular classified employees of the University of Nevada, Reno at a minimum of .50 FTE in regular classified service on the start date of the semester
  • Approved classes must be for credit and taken at NSHE institutions (see Exceptions below)
  • A maximum of 6 (six) credits per semester may be taken during Spring (including Wintermester), Fall or Summer
  • For the fiscal year (July 1 through June 30) a maximum of 12 (twelve) credits are allowed. The course begin date will determine which fiscal year is credited with the grant-in-aid
  • A grade of 'C' or better must be received for undergraduate classes or 'B' or better for graduate classes (see Repayments below). The signed Grants-in-Aid request form authorizes the University of Nevada, Reno Admissions and Records Office to release final grades to Human Resources. Employees taking classes at other NSHE institutions must provide proof they have met the grade requirement or repay all costs
  • Classified Grants-In-Aid covers all mandatory fees (laboratory and technology fees) and the Student Health Fee is waived for Classified employees

Not eligible

  • Temporary Classified employees
  • Courses that are for audit, non-credit or recreational
  • Courses that are paid for by another means of sponsorship or grant-in-aid
  • Classified Staff Grant-In-Aid cannot be used to improve a grade for any class previously taken
  • Extended Studies reserves the right to refuse to honor Grant-In-Aid in a requested class if enrollment for that class has not reached the level for the class to pay for itself
  • Self-supporting programs that are cited as ineligible in the University Administrative Manual.

Classes during work hours

  • No more than 3 credits can be taken during work hours and the Grant-in-Aid request must have appointing authority's approval
  • If a class to be taken with Grant-In-Aid was requested by the supervisor, release time must be granted
  • If the class was requested by the employee, the supervisor may grant release time (but no overtime) or the employee may use annual leave, may schedule class outside work hours, or may have a flexible work schedule to take the class or classes


Due dates

Grades and/or repayments are due according to the following schedule: Fall-January 15, Spring-June 15 and Summer-September 15. For grades, send a copy of your official transcripts to:

Human Resources, Mail Stop 0238, Reno, NV 89557 | Fax: 784-1073

Grade 1

If a class taken with Classified Grant-in-Aid, does not receive a grade of 'C' or better for undergraduate or 'B' or better for graduate, the employee is required to repay the full amount to the University

Dropped courses

Any amount paid by the University of Nevada, Reno must be repaid by the employee. To receive credit against repayment of a course, first determine the drop dates of the institution. These dates are different at each institution. If a class taken with Grants-in-Aid is officially dropped within the 100% refund period as regulated by Admissions and Records of the institution, the entire refund reverts to the University. If the class is officially dropped after the 100% refund period, the employee must pay the non-refundable amount that was charged to the University of Nevada, Reno for the dropped class


All payments are made directly to the University's Cashier's Office.

Payroll deduction

If payment is not received on the above due dates, the amount will be deducted from the employee's paycheck

Other consequences

Failure to pay may result in withholding of transcripts, grades, diploma, registration and any check made payable to the employee by the University of Nevada, Reno

Other information

Courses taken by Classified employees are also subject to the provisions of 84.343 and 4.482 through 284.522.

Departments may elect to pay for any supplies or books required for the course from departmental operating funds. The department may also elect to pay for additional courses for the classified employee from operating funds.

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