Organizational chart

  • Tim McFarling Associate Vice President (775) 784-8269
    • Kim Beers Assistant Vice President (775) 682-6113
      • LeRoy Palinsky Manager, Business Informatics
        • Leanne Caspe Analyst, HR Systems Reporting
        • Jose Torres-Jasso Analyst, HR Systems Reporting
      • Elena Butler Personnel Analyst
        • Andrea D'Ercole Personnel Technician
        • Katrina Aldridge Personnel Technician
      • Jaymi Powney Personnel Analyst
        • Seresa Greer UNR Med Personnel Technician
        • Kaiya Massey Personnel Technician
        • Kristel Suanes Personnel Technician
      • Alex Khaliq Human Resources Analyst (775) 784-4566
      • Deserie Tillman Training Specialist (775) 682-6119
        • Naomi Dominguez Personnel Technician
    • Vacant Director, Insurance & Benefits
      • Mark Young Specialist, Risk Management
        • Lisa Lujan Administrative Assistant
      • Kristi Roberson Loss Control Coordinator
      • Lisa Taylor Benefits Specialist
        • Tracy Doren Benefits Personnel Analyst
        • Amy Russell Personnel Technician
    • Janine Nelson Manager, Job Evaluation and Analysis (775) 784-7706
      • Robin Freestone Temporary Faculty
      • Elizabeth Tucker Analyst, Job Evaluation
      • Leila Groves Personnel Analyst, Job Evaluation
      • Amanda Sabiniano Personnel Analyst, Job Evaluation
    • Michelle Briggs Manager, Recruitment (775) 784-7705
      • Jennifer Grogan Manager, Faculty Recruitment
      • Carmen Smith-Ajayi Recruiter
      • Ashley Schmidt Personnel Technician
      • Angela Gutierrez Personnel Technician
    • Janet Anderson Director, Employee Relations (775) 784-6978
      • Raeven Johnson Specialist, Employee Relations
    • Haley Anderton-Folmer Communications & Web Specialist

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