International travel procedures for employees, volunteers, and graduate assistants

This guide is intended for employees, volunteers and graduate assistants who are traveling internationally for work purposes without any accompanying students. Please review each step and submit all completed forms as an attachment to a spend authorization in Workday at least 30 days prior to your departure date.

Step 1

Check the Department of State website  to determine the advisory level of the country and region you are traveling to.

Step 2

Determine the appropriate form linked below to fill out based on the country/region's travel advisory level from the Department of State's website.

You only need to complete one of these two forms:

Level 1 or 2 destination form or  Level 3 or 4 destination form

Once completed, your form needs to be signed by the Dean or Department Chair prior to uploading into Workday as an attachment to the spend authorization.

Repeat trip?

Employees who are repeating a trip with an approved ITA (within one calendar year) may complete the following form instead. The form must be submitted within seven days of departure and a spend authorization still needs to be completed.

Faculty Frequent International Traveler Form

Note: This form may not be used if the original ITA was a Level 3 or 4 destination. A new ITA form may be requested if there are any changes to original pre-approved travel. Changes may include country advisory level, region/country, purpose for travel, etc.

Considering Airbnb, VRBO, etc.?

Know the risks when renting accommodations on home-sharing platforms.

Traveling with technology?

Learn how to prevent your data, devices and accounts from being stolen or compromised while traveling.

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