BCN HR Shared Services Welcomes Veterans

BCN HR Shared Services thanks you for your service. Our administrators, recruiters, and staff understand the value of hard-earned veteran experience, and we acknowledge the challenges that our veteran employees face in transitioning from a military family to a campus family. This is why we strive to recruit, assist, and welcome veterans and veterans' surviving spouses to our campus communities every day.

Matthew Berg

Accounting, School of Business, University of Nevada, Reno

“After leaving military service and graduating from college, I couldn’t tell you how happy and proud I was to find a career opportunity at the University of Nevada Reno. I was looking for an environment to work in where I could develop myself professionally and be a part of a growing and supportive team. Working for the College of Business on campus and having access to Grant-In-Aid opened the door for me to pursue a graduate degree. I’m looking forward to applying to the MBA program this fall."

Whether you're a veteran or still active in the Reserves, NSHE and its Northern Nevada campuses are proud to consider you for employment, and we strongly encourage you to apply. We offer a range of services to assist with transitioning from the military workforce to campus life.

Application Assistance

All Positions | Having trouble translating your military job duties into civilian terms?   Need help with your resume or job application?

We can help with that!

For assistance with your resume or the application process – or for more information about job opportunities, please contact our helpdesk.


Veteran Program

Classified Positions | Recent legislation in Nevada allows for interview consideration for individuals who identify as a veteran or veteran with a service-connected disability.

To receive interview consideration for veterans and veterans with a service-connected disability, proof is required at the time of application.  For more information, please contact our help desk.


Mother in camo uniform holding young daughter

Green Zone Network Member

We are a proud member of the Green Zone Network.

The Green Zone Network is a veteran-friendly employer program in Nevada.  We are a network of public and private sector employers who assist veterans in seeking civilian employment. For more information about the Green Zone Network, please visit:

Widow in graveyard

Veteran & Survivor Bonus Points

Classified Positions | Classified positions that require a Training and Experience Exam (T&E) are eligible for bonus points.

To receive bonus points for being a veteran, widow or widower of a veteran, or a veteran with a disability, proof must be submitted on your application. For more information, please email

ROTC Member at UNR with metal helmet

Veteran Outreach & Recruitment

HR Shared Services actively recruits veterans. In 2018, HR Shared Services' recruiters attended the following veteran-focused career fairs:

  • Work for Warriors & State of Nevada Innevation Fair (Las Vegas)
  • State of Nevada Veterans Career Fairs (Reno)
  • Work for Warriors Career Fair (Reno)