Classification process

BCN Human Resources is responsible for the classification of all State of Nevada classified jobs assigned to the NSHE North. This includes the classification of new positions and reclassification of existing positions. The Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) defines the rules and regulations pertaining to position classification in sections 284.126 through 284.152.

Position classification and reclassification

New position classification occurs in conjunction with recruitment for the position. In collaboration with the hiring department, a BCN classification analyst will allocate the position to the appropriate classification. The recruitment will then be conducted by a BCN recruiter.

Reclassification refers to the study of an existing position. A classification analyst will conduct a study to determine if a significant change has occurred. If a significant change has occurred, the analyst will determine whether the scope of responsibilities is outside the current classification and if the preponderance of duties warrants allocation to a different classification. Typically, a request for reclassification is submitted by the manager and appointing authority.

For both new and existing classification actions, the classification analyst evaluates the job based on characteristics common to class specifications and similar positions. The State of Nevada classifies jobs based on "whole job analysis," focusing on duties and responsibilities and not on an employee's skill, background, longevity or competence.

An HR-19, the State of Nevada Position Questionnaire, is required for both new and existing classification requests. This form describes the duties, responsibilities and other characteristics of the job. A sample HR-19 is provided for your reference.

Download HR-19 Form  Download Sample HR-19

Please view our Compensation page for more information about pay related to reclassification.

The process for initiating classification actions may vary by campus. At GBC, NSHE System Offices, TMCC and WNC, please consult with your campus HR office.

For information about initiating classified actions at the University, please use the HR-19 form and instructions in the Knowledge Base. See also: Compensation Changes and Career Development - Classified | FAQ.

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Writing classified job descriptions