Social security guide

The State of Nevada, including the Nevada System of Higher Education, does not participate in the retirement portion of Social Security.  During your years of employment with NSHE we report $0.00 of income on your behalf to the Social Security Administration; this may impact your benefit upon retirement. 

If you have qualified for social security through other employment you will need to take into account the Windfall Elimination Provision. Basic information regarding Social Security benefits is available at the Social Security website at


Contact your local Social Security Administration to determine the date your Social Security payments will begin.

Northern Nevada Social Security Administration Office

1170 Harvard Way, Reno | 1-800-352-1605

Southern Nevada Social Security Administration Offices

10416 S Eastern Avenue, Henderson; or
Suite 150, 1250 S. Buffalo Drive, Las Vegas

Phone: 1-800-772-1213

You may make an appointment for an office visit or arrange for a telephone interview. Additional information may be obtained at the Social Security Administration home page, located at

Benefit amount

The Social Security Administration can provide information regarding the amount of your benefit, the amount of your family's benefits, and any other questions you may have. The Social Security benefit amount will depend upon when you decide to retire and begin to receive your Social Security benefits.

  • Full Benefit | If you were born in or before 1937, the retirement age for full or normal Social Security benefits is 65 years. If you were born in 1938 or later, the normal retirement age for receiving full benefits is increased beyond 65. Please contact Social Security Administration for more details.
  • Early Retirement | You are eligible for an early retirement Social Security benefit at 62. However, the benefit amount is reduced based upon your age when the benefit begins. The early retirement benefit is less than your full retirement amount would have been if the income had commenced at your full retirement age.

Windfall elimination provision

 The Windfall Elimination Provision affects how the amount of your retirement or disability benefit is calculated if you receive a pension from work where Social Security taxes were not taken out of your pay. A modified formula is used to calculate your benefit amount, resulting in a lower Social Security benefit than you otherwise would receive. More information on the Windfall Elimination Provision is available on the Social Security Website.  If you have been employed by NSHE since 1985 without a break in service and were fully vested in your retirement plan prior to December 31, 1985, you may be exempt from the Windfall Elimination Provision. In this case, please contact the Benefits Office at (775) 784-6082 to request a letter of explanation for the Social Security Administration.