Phase-in retirement program

The Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) offers a phase-in program that allows faculty, professional staff, and classified employees to phase in their retirement by lowering their Full Time Equivalency (FTE) in the years prior to official retirement.

  • This is an application process with variables for approval
  • FTE may range from .50 and .80 FTE course load or work assignment
  • Agreed upon time for contract will vary at each NSHE Campus but typically does not exceed 3 years
  • During Phase-in, Employee and NSHE will continue contributing to the retirement plan as if employed at 100% FTE
  • Salary and leave accruals will be pro-rated based on FTE

The phase-in request is not a guaranteed benefit; it is an application process. The application must be approved at the department level before it is forwarded to the Provost / President for review. If approved, the Phase-in Application is governed by a formal contract between the eligible employee and the Nevada System of Higher Education. Please contact your Human Resources Office or the BCN Benefits Office for more information on the Phase-in Retirement Program.

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