NSHE retiree information

Retiree health insurance

Your comprehensive medical insurance package in retirement includes:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Life insurance - $7,500

This is the same coverage you have as an active employee and will continue to be your primary insurance until you qualify for Medicare (generally age 65).

Nevada Administrative Code (NAC 287.135) requires that an employee must have at least 5 years of full-time service or the equivalent of a full-time employee and must be receiving benefits from his/her authorized NSHE Retirement Plan in order to continue participation in one of the State of Nevada insurance plans upon retirement.

Upon retirement, if a retiree wishes to continue medical plan participation, they must begin receipt of some form of retirement income through either PERS of Nevada or the Faculty Retirement Plan Alternative (RPA).

PERS Retiree

Medical insurance deductions are withheld by PERS from the retirees' monthly pension checks which are issued by PERS for all retirees wishing to continue insurance during retirement.

RPA Retiree

PEBP offers you a choice of charging your monthly health insurance premium to a credit card, or being billed on a monthly basis. Either way, you will complete a form that informs PEBP of your choice at time of retirement.

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