Performance management and evaluation

Employee evaluation procedures

  • Work performance standards

    At the time of hire or reclassification, a classified employee shall receive work performance standards (WPS).  WPS are intended to match the established job description (HR-19) on file with BCN HR Shared Services and articulate job duties and expectations for performance of those duties.  WPS must also contain the required core competencies.  WPS and HR-19s should be revised as changes occur. For further assistance of information regarding work performance standards, please refer to NAC 284.468 or your campus Human Resources Office.

  • Classified performance evaluation

    The evaluation date for classified employees is generally the date an employee achieves permanent status following a hire or promotion as set forth by Nevada Administrative Code (NAC). Once the evaluation date is established, the employee is to be evaluated and the report filed with HR Shared Services on that date annually and may be issued evaluations more frequently as well.  Annual evaluation ratings of “meets standards or better” qualifies an employee for a one step merit increase for those who are not at step 10 of their respective classification grade.  A rating of "does not meets standards" has the potential to negatively impact a classified employee's merit increase. For further assistance or information regarding classified evaluations, please refer to NAC 284.470 or your campus Human Resources Office.

Performance management and employee relations

The HR Shared Services Employee Relations Office provides consultation and oversight on matters affecting classified staff in the areas of workplace conduct, performance issues, disciplinary actions, and grievances.  Assistance is available for employees in both supervisory and non-supervisory roles.  Mandatory Supervisory Trainings are required by the State of Nevada for all supervisors.