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Where can I get more information?

You can contact the Office of Residential Life, Housing and Food Service at (775) 784-1113. We look forward to assisting you.

How are room assignments made?

Assignments are made for new students by date, in the order in which the License Agreement Signature Form, initial payment and deposits are received. Full consideration is given to each student's preferences. The University of Nevada, Reno expects enrollment in 15 credits each semester to graduate in 4 years. Students must be enrolled in 15 credits by June 15th for a fall assignment.

Room assignments are based on the preferences you complete on the License Agreement Signature Form. Considerable effort is made to honor specific requests and to meet individual needs when making room and roommate assignments. However, heavy demands for university housing sometimes makes it impossible to satisfy all individual requests.

Important Information:

  • The License Agreement encompasses the entire academic year or remainder thereof.
  • For the best chance of being assigned to the hall of your choice or with a requested roommate you need to apply by May 1.
  • Applications received after May 1 will be assigned to halls on a space available basis.
  • Assignments are made for new students in the order in which their applications and initial payment are received.
  • You must also complete a Living Learning Community application if you are interested in living in one of those communities.

Is it possible to request a specific residence hall or roommate?

Yes! This may be done when you complete the License Agreement Signature Form. Students can indicate up to five building preferences and can request a specific roommate. Considerable effort is made to match mutually requested roommates. Note: Your roommate preference supercedes your building preference.

If I request a roommate, will we be assigned together?

If the requests are mutual and space is available, every effort will be made to honor your roommate preference. To improve your chances, you should submit applications at about the same time with the same residence hall preferences. Note: Your roommate preference supercedes your residence hall preference.

Where can I find more information about the Meningitis vaccination?

For more information regarding immunization requirements, please visit the Academic Central FAQ webpage. 

Do you provide accessible accommodations for students with disabilities?

The University of Nevada provides accessible accommodations for students with disabilities. Since housing assignment are made on a space available basis, early application is essential. Additional accessibility features may need to be installed to adequately accommodate a disability on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the Disability Resource Center or the Department of Residential Life, Housing and Food Services for additional information.

When will I know my residence hall room assignment?

Assignments are usually made by mid-July. Students will receive an assignment letter with a variety of information including: moving-in information, "what to bring", etc.

Is it possible to change rooms during the year?

The Department of Residential Life, Housing and Food Service accepts requests for room changes during the first two weeks of each semester.  Room changes may be granted otherwise but you must first speak with your Resident Director. Requests are granted on a space available basis.

Can I move out during the year?

The license agreement encompasses the entire academic year. Students are normally released only due to specific circumstances such as withdrawal from the University.

How do current residents sign up for next year?

Returning residents may sign up for the next academic year during the return housing period in the spring semester for Canada Hall and a limited number of spaces in the other residence halls.

Do you offer quiet living areas?

There are designated academic pursuit/quiet areas in most of the residence halls. Assignment is based on space availability. Students assigned to a quiet floor will be required to sign a quiet area contract.

Where else can I study other than my room?

  • Study Lounges/Lounges on your floor - Most floors provide a lounge with couches, tables and chairs. Some floors also have a private study lounge. Wireless internet access is available throughout the building and lounges also provide Ethernet connections and power outlets.
  • DC-Store - Located on the ground level of Argenta Hall and adjacent to the Downunder Café, the DC-Store provides tables and chairs. Wireless internet is available in this area.
  • Knowledge Center - Many students choose to study at the Knowledge Center and it is a great place for private or group study.
  • Joe Crowley Student Union - The Joe Crowley Student Union is located next to the Knowledge Center.
  • Argenta and Nye: The Mezzanine - The Mezzanine is located adjacent to the front desk area of Argenta Hall and provides a large screen television along with couches and chairs. Wireless internet is available in this area.

Is smoking allowed in the residence halls?

Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the residential facilities, including student rooms.

Can I have a single room?

There are a limited number of single rooms available in Sierra and Juniper Halls. If we are unable to accommodate a student's request for a single room, they will automatically be assigned to a double room.

Are there laundry facilities available?

Every residence hall has its own cash card operated washers and dryers.

What furnishings are in my residence hall room?

All student rooms in the residence halls include a desk, a chair, a closet, a bed and mattress, and a chest of drawers for each student. All student rooms are carpeted. The On Campus Housing web site has recommendations for specific things you may want to bring with you and some other useful information.

What should I bring? (ie. mini fridge, microwave etc)

Students have many items which they can bring to the residence halls and some items they should not bring. Please visit our the On Campus Housing page for more details.

How do I mount a TV to my wall?

Due to the variety of our structures and safety concerns we do not allow students to mount anything to their walls, including televisions.

Will I have telephone and cable TV service in my room?

Telephone and cable tv service are not offered in the Residence Halls.

Is there internet access in my room?

Every student room has two ethernet jacks which provide access to the university computer network. Additional information can be found on the Services and Facilities Overview webpage.

Free in-room wireless is available. For more information, please visit the Office of Information Technology Eduroam webpage.

Where will I get my mail?

The US Postal Service does not deliver to the Residence Halls. Located on campus is a United States Post Office where students may rent a post office box by contacting (775) 348-7858.

Can I ship packages to the residence halls? What is my residence hall's address?

Yes. UPS and FedEx both will deliver to the residence halls' addresses. The US Postal Service (USPS) does not deliver to the residence halls (please be aware of this when purchasing items online). 

Residence Halls: Addresses & Phone Numbers

How can I get involved and meet new people?

One of the easiest ways to meet people is to be involved in your residence hall association. These groups plan a variety of social and educational activities. Attending programs and activities offered in the residence halls and on-campus is a great way to meet people.

While residing in the residence halls to whom should I go to with a question or a problem?

Initially, you should go to your Resident Assistant. Your RA has been trained to assist you and they are an excellent resource.  The front desk can assist you with room lockouts, packages, equipment checkout, work orders, and general questions.

What facilities remain open during the breaks?

The residence halls remain open during Thanksgiving and Spring Break. During the Winter Break alternative housing may be available, although there is an additional charge and students may be assigned together in double/triple/quadruple-occupancy rooms.

When should I sign-up?

Sign-up early! On-campus housing is available on a first-come, first-served basis and the earlier you sign up the better your chances of getting one of your preferences. Don't delay, you have everything to gain by signing up immediately for on-campus housing.

Meal Plans

Is a meal plan required?

All first year students who have not reached the age of twenty-one by the first day of class of their first semester who live in the residence halls are required to purchase a meal plan for both fall and spring semester. This policy is in place because:

  • Students who live on campus are more successful than any other group.  The main reason for this is the network of peer support they develop.  Students sharing meals together in the Downunder Café is a critical part of how our program helps build relationships for peer support.
  • We want student to be able to focus on their academic pursuits.  Having a meal plan eliminates the need for shopping for, cooking, and cleaning up from meals.  On average that saves about eight hours per week.
  • Our facilities were not designed to have 2500 students storing large amounts of food, cooking, and cleaning up from meals.  Improper food storage attracts pests; electrical demands from appliances would overwhelm our capacity; and disposal of leftovers, whether in trash cans or down the drain, can create problems.
  • A totally voluntary program would prevent us from planning effectively and would create more expensive meal plans to account for the potential variation in numbers.

What happens to my unused meals at the end of the week?

Any unused weekly meals are cleared from your account prior to breakfast on Thursday.

Will my FoodBucks ever expire?

FoodBucks balances do not expire at the end of either the fall or spring semester unless your account has been inactive for 18 consecutive months. The balance remains as long as you are enrolled at the University and use your account. After 18 consecutive months of inactivity, the balance in your account is reduced to zero. No refund is given for any unused balance.

Can I use my meal swipes for Parents/Friends/Guests?

Parents eat free with you. If you wish to take a guest to the Downunder Cafe just present your card to the checker and an additional meal will be taken off your card for each guest.  No meal plan holders may loan their card to anyone else to use.

Can I change my meal plan?

Meal plans may be changed during the first three weeks of classes and during the semester break.

Can I use my meal swipes for any other venues besides the Downunder Cafe?

Swipes can also be used to swipe out specific combo meals at the DC Store next door to the Downunder Cafe.