Roommate matching

After completing the application, you will be eligible to request a roommate and/or update your roommate preferences through the housing application after 5pm of the next business day. This gives our team time to ensure your application is complete and payment (if applicable) has been processed. You will have until May 15 to request roommates and/or update your preferences.

When selecting someone to be your roommate, that individual will receive an email where they can accept your invitation. Roommate preferences must be mutual in order to receive an assignment together. While we do everything we can to honor roommate preferences, we can only guarantee a match if both students apply prior to February 1. This includes a completed application and paying both security deposit and initial pre-payment.

It is highly likely, but not guaranteed, for roommates who prefer each other to get one of their top three residence hall preferences (if selecting three different building options) if they both apply prior to February 1. If one or both roommates apply after February 1, it becomes much more challenging to accommodate either or both roommate and/or building preference.

How to use the roommate matching system

The roommate matching system can be found on your housing portal along the top header. Please make sure you choose the correct term. Note: Once you leave a roommate group, you will not be able to add yourself again to that group through the housing portal - please contact our office.  Here are your options:

  • Find someone you know.” If you have a specific roommate you would like to request, and they have not applied yet, please encourage them to submit their license agreement and request you as a roommate prior to February 1. In order to form a Roommate Group, one student must establish themselves as the Group Leader. The Group Leader collects all of the roommate codes and invites residents to their group.
  • Search resident profiles.” If you do not have a specific roommate you would like to pair with, use the roommate matching system filters to find someone compatible. You will be able to filter the answers from the Matching Profile and both send messages or invite students to join your group.
  • "No Roommate Preference." Don’t have a roommate preference or don’t want to search the profiles? We will match you up with someone with similar application dates and preferences.

In the roommate matching process, your name will be displayed on your matching profile. Students who take part in the “Search resident profiles” process will have the opportunity to send a message to students to match up as roommates, and also to send an invitation to join a roommate group. You are not obligated to respond to messages or accept invites.

Please remember the following:

  • Your roommate preference supersedes your building preferences
  • Student assigned to live in a Living Learning Community (LLC) will be matched by the LLC staff based on application preferences