Application timeline for housing

Fall 2020 housing application timeline

Date Activity/Event/Deadline
October 15 First-year student application for housing available
Early March Roommate matching system open
May 15 Roommate matching system closed
May 15 Building and meal plan preferences due
Early June Room assignments emailed to first-year students based on eligibility*
June 15 Second housing payment due ($175)
June 15 Proof of meningitis vaccination due**
June 15 Guarantor form due (any student under 18 at the time of application submission must submit this form)
Ongoing After receiving your building and room assignment, housing and meal plan charges are applied to your MyNEVADA account
June 15 First cancellation date (forfeit $125 security deposit)
July 1-15 Room change period (you may request a room change)
Starting July 16 Wait listed students receive housing assignments (pending availability)
July 31 Second cancellation date (forfeit $125 security deposit and $325 initial payment)

*Due to COVID-19, some students will receive a building assignment, but not a room. As the University is allowed to open additional bed spaces, these students will receive a room assignment. With limited housing options due to COVID-19, some students may be wait listed until a space becomes available.

**Due to COVID-19, residents can submit proof of meningitis vaccination by August 13. The University must have this proof on file prior to the student moving into on-campus housing.