Application timeline for housing

Date Activity/Event/Deadline
Spring 2024 and the 2024-2025 academic year
October 2, at 12 a.m. Spring 2024 housing application opens. This application is available for all incoming students (first-year students, continuing students, transfer students, etc.). Students currently living on campus do not need to fill out a new application for the Spring semester.
November 1 - December 3 Winter Break/Wintermester housing application available. This application is available for students currently living on campus who need housing over Winter Break. Most residence halls close for winter break (students don't need to remove their belongings) students who need housing can complete this application and be temporarily reassigned for the break. Space is limited and assignments will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis.
November 10 University Holiday - Main office closed
November 15, at 12 a.m. Fall 2024 housing application is available (incoming first-year students, returning students, transfer students, etc.); all students must pay the $300 down payment or work with our staff to enter into a "Deferred Payment Agreement." Only applications with a "complete" status will be eligible to participate in the self-selection, roommate, and assignment process.
November 14 - 29 The room change request form for all current Fall 2023 students returning for Spring 2024 semester housing will be open on the Housing Portal starting November 14 through November 29, 2023.
November 15 - December 13 All room change requests that are submitted during this time will be processed between November 15 and December 13, 2023. If your room change is not approved prior to the end of the Fall semester, you will be expected to return to your current space (Fall assignment) for Spring 2024. A status update email will be sent out on December 13 for all submissions.
November 23 & 24 University Holiday - Housing office closed
November 29 -February 9 The meal plan change request form for Spring 2024 will be available until February 9, 2024, on the Housing Portal.
December 12 1st Round of Winter housing assignments will be sent to students staying over Winter Break/Wintermester.
December 13 Residents who are approved for a room change (from Fall 2023 to Spring 2024) will receive their housing assignment for the Spring semester on or after this date by email.
December 15 2nd Round of Winter housing assignments will be sent to students staying over Winter Break/Wintermester.
December 15 Winter Break/Wintermester housing payment due.
December 15 Deadline to cancel Winter Break/Wintermester housing application for a full refund. Residents who cancel this application after December 15 are subject to being charged the full Winter Break/Wintermester rate.
December 20 Last meal (lunch) before winter break served in Pack Place - Habit Burger will be open until 7 p.m. when students can use FoodBucks, WolfBucks, or cash/credit/debit.
December 21 Residence halls close at 11 a.m. for Winter Break. Residents with a Winter Break/Wintermester housing assignment transition into their temporary assignment. Residents not staying over the break need to leave campus (their belongings can remain) as door access ends at 11 a.m. Residents requesting to stay past 11 a.m. need to apply for Winter Break/Wintermester; spaces are limited.
December 25, and January 1 University Holiday - Housing office closed
Early January Spring housing assignments will be sent to all Spring 2024 applicants who have a "completed" status on their application. Students can log on to view the status of their application by logging on to the housing portal or by calling the housing office.
January 15 University Holiday - Housing office closed
January 16 - February 1 First-round of the roommate request process opens for 2024-2025 applications. All students with a "completed" status on their housing application will be eligible for the 1st round of assignments. All eligible students must be part of a group of no more than three and need to identify a "group leader" by February 1. Students who are applying for a living-learning community must form groups with other students within the same living-learning community. Please visit the roommate matching page for more information.
January 19 Resident Halls open for Spring 2024
February 1, at 11:59 p.m. Priority application date closes for 2024-2025 housing. All students who have submitted an application that has a "completed" status by this date will be eligible to self-select their building/room (February 20 - March 21). Students applying after this date will receive their housing assignment in early July.
February 2, at 12 a.m. Application preferences for building and roommate options close for students who applied before February 1, 11:59 p.m. These students are no longer able to update building and roommate preferences.
February 7-10 Students who applied for housing as returning students by February 1 and would like to have the same room type, will be assigned during this time.
February 9 Last day to change or cancel a Lifestyle Meal Plan (Sophomore+ students only) for Spring 2024. Note: Students can request to increase their meal plan after this date.
Mid-February Students who applied by February 1 and have a "completed" housing application status, as well as have confirmed (by email) their Living Learning Community as their housing choice will be assigned a room selection lottery time slot to select their room between February 20–27.
February 19 University Holidays - Housing office closed.
February 20-27 Room selection lottery opens for students who have confirmed (by email) their participation in a living-learning community. Time slot will remain open until 11:59 p.m. on February 27. If students do not select a room by that date, they will be manually assigned to a space. For questions about Living Learning Communities, please contact
March 5 Lottery time slots emailed out to students who are NOT participating in a Living-Learning Community (LLC) and applied by the February 1st priority date.
March 6 -21 Room selection lottery time slot opens for room selection.
March 23 - 31 Spring Break
May 15 - June 1 2nd round of roommate request process opens for 2024-2025 applications. All students with a “completed” application status and a submission date of February 2nd to June 1st will be able to participate in this 2nd round. Roommate groupings and team leaders will need to be identified by June 1st.
June 3 - 14 Room change request period opens for students assigned in the 1st round. Students in this category may request a room change through the Housing Portal. Assignments will be made in the order they are received and based on room/building availability.
June 15 Housing down payment due ($300). Students who have not paid the down payment by this date are in jeopardy of having their housing application canceled (incurring applicable cancellation fees) if they also have not signed up for orientation, or selected classes, and/or have enough financial aid to cover housing and meal plan costs.
June 15 Proof of meningitis vaccination due. The University must have this proof on file prior to the student moving into on-campus housing.
June 15 Guarantor Form found in Housing Portal due (any student under 18 at the time of application submission must submit this form).
June 15 Acceptance of admission to the University of Nevada, Reno due.
June 15 Deadline to cancel housing application without penalty
July 17 2nd round of 2024-2025 housing assignments sent (for application dates: Feb. 2- June 1)
Late July and ongoing Students who applied for 2024-2025 housing on June 2nd or after, will be assigned as space is available
July 22 - 31 Room change request period opens for all assigned students. Room change requests can be done through the housing portal.
July 31 Last day to cancel your housing application and forfeit the $300 down payment.
August 1-15 Students who request to cancel their housing application within this time frame receive a 25% housing cancellation fee.
August 15 - 17 Residence halls open for NevadaFIT. For more information, visit our move-in day informational page.
August 17 NevadaFit Opening Ceremony and start to NevadaFit
August 19 - September 6 (Tentative) Room change request period (You may request a room change.). Please note residents will not be allowed to change rooms until September 3 or after
August 19 - September 13 (Tentative) Meal plan change request period - students are allowed ONE Lifestyle meal plan change through the third week of each semester. Only upgrades are allowed after that date. To request a meal plan change, please visit the online Housing Profile and complete the Meal Plan Change Academic Year Application.
August 23 Payment due for fall semester tuition, fees, room and board
August 26 First day of classes
September 13 Last day to request a Lifestyle meal plan change or to cancel one (Sophomore+ students only). Note: Students can request to increase their meal plan after this date.