Roommate matching information

Thank you for applying to live on campus at the University of Nevada, Reno. The return housing sign-up process starts Friday, April 10th and continues through May 15, 2020. The roommate matching process works once you have applied for housing and your return student housing application shows as “approved” on your housing portal.

Important dates and deadlines

  • Beginning Friday, April 10, you will be able to log into your housing portal and request your mutually requested roommate
  • To be considered for the same hall sign-ups, roommate groups must be formed by April 19, by 11:59 p.m.
  • To be considered for different hall sign-ups, roommate groups must be formed by April 26, by 11:59 p.m.

How to select a roommate(s) and a room/suite

  • All roommate groups must designate a Group Leader who collects the roommate codes from all students in the group (it can be found on the top right corner of the home page)
  • The Group Leader logs into the housing portal and selects the “Roommates” tab
  • Once they have selected the “Roommates” tab, they will need to select the term they are signing up for (Fall 2020). They will be brought to the “Roommates Group” page
  • Group Leader selects, “Find someone you know”, enters the “Roommate Code” and selects, “Send Invite”
  • Your friend will be emailed an invitation to the roommate group which they will need to accept, by logging into their housing portal by the deadline above
  • Repeat this process for every roommate in the roommate group
  • For both the same hall and different hall processes, the Group Leader selects the room or suite on behalf of everyone in the roommate group
  • Group Leaders are responsible for designating roommate pairs and rooms (including rooms in suites)

Important information about roommate matching

  • For students interested in gender-inclusive housing, contact Wyatt Wagner at
  • The student who initiates the roommate matching process then becomes the “Group Leader.” Only the Group Leader can send out additional invitations. This is important in the event you have a group larger than two
  • Students must have completed an application in the same term in order to create or accept a roommate invitation
  • We will assign students using the latest application date in the roommate group to determine which building the roommate group is eligible for
  • Roommate preference supersedes room preferences

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (775) 784-1113 or email us at