PAWS: Welcome

NEATLE principles: Welcome

Nevada Engineering Academy for Teaching and Learning Excellence (NEATLE) consists of four principals, known as PAWS: Prepare, Advance, Welcome and Serve. 


To ensure students and faculty are welcomed, the goals are to:

  • train faculty to design inclusive learning environments that ensure students are treated equitably, are able to access learning and have a sense of belonging;
  • honor the Morrill land grant mission to deliver on the promise of providing the citizens of Nevada with a better future by providing access to learning;
  • enhance the land grant promise by developing mechanisms to better provide access for all learners (for example, traditional out-of-state, non-traditional, veterans, transfers, international, minority, underrepresented, disabilities and LGBTQ2+); and
  • engage with the “K through gray” philosophy by enhancing outreach beyond current practices and providing enhanced learning, training and professional development at all levels.


  • Director of NEATLE
  • Assistant Dean for Assessment, Compliance and Evaluation
  • Associate Dean for Student Affairs
  • Coordinators
  • College of Engineering Diversity Committee
  • Lecturers


  • Develop College of Engineering faculty engagement with K-12 and community (beyond current outreach and recruitment practices).
  • Collaborate with University’s Diversity Office to develop trainings.
  • Engage faculty in self-reflection to address the ways systemic inequalities influence teaching and learning.
  • Train faculty on accessibility tools, the use of research-informed content and evidence-based pedagogical methods designed for inclusion and equity.
  • Broaden the faculty’s understanding, diagnosis and resolution of barriers to learning.