PAWS: Prepare

NEATLE Principles: Prepare

Nevada Engineering Academy for Teaching and Learning Excellence (NEATLE) consists of four principals, known as PAWS: Prepare, Advance, Welcome and Serve. 


To prepare students and faculty for excellence in education, the goals are defined to:

  • address remedial skills missing from students’ knowledge base;
  • ensure compliance with the University’s policies;
  • contribute to graduate student experiences; and
  • develop a library of training modules, research-informed content and evidence-based pedagogical methods.


  • Director of NEATLE
  • Associate Dean for Student Affairs
  • Assistant Dean for Assessment, Compliance and Evaluation
  • Administrative assistants/ managers for Tutoring Center
  • Lecturers
  • Coordinators
  • Platform specialist
  • Director, University Advancements in Teaching Excellence


  • Help student acknowledge skill deficit to take resolution action and provide remedial training opportunities.
  • Enhance Tutoring Center to address remedial skills.
  • Research and design a requirement to demonstrate skill achievement before declaring engineering as a major.
  • Develop modular trainings.
  • Enhance the reputation of the College of Engineering by producing graduate students with qualifications for teaching.
  • Partner with University Advancement in Teaching Excellence Center and National Centers (i.e., CIRTL).
  • Create library platform.