PAWS: Advance

NEATLE principles: Advance

Nevada Engineering Academy for Teaching and Learning Excellence (NEATLE) consists of four principals, known as PAWS: Prepare, Advance, Welcome and Serve. 


To help faculty advance their skill sets in education, the goals include:

  • providing tutoring services and enhanced learning opportunities for 100- to 700-level courses;
  • improving student acquisition of skills and knowledge by using assessment-based grading practices;
  • creating faculty engagement with advanced educational practices and collaborative opportunities; and
  • contributing to the mentorship of undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty members.


  • Director of NEATLE
  • Assistant Dean for Assessment, Compliance and Evaluation
  • Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs
  • Associate Dean for Student Affairs
  • Lecturers
  • Coordinators
  • Administrative assistants/managers for Tutoring Center


  • Enhance Tutoring Center to provide material for all course levels.
  • Create honor code culture.
  • Enhance motivation of students by creating a system of peer mentors, professional mentors and industry partners.
  • Train faculty on how to create assignments for assessment.
  • Train faculty of assessment-based grading practices.
  • Develop formative assessment in curriculum mapping.
  • Diversify mentorship structure to include multidisciplinary- and teaching-focused collaborations.