PAWS: Serve

NEATLE principles: Serve

Nevada Engineering Academy for Teaching and Learning Excellence (NEATLE) consists of four principals, known as PAWS: Prepare, Advance, Welcome and Serve. 


NEATLE will serve the College of Engineering and University communities by addressing goals to:

  • enhance opportunities for student feedback to be incorporated into the learning environment and teaching practices;
  • develop the career opportunities for teaching-centered faculty;
  • provide professional development trainings for career advancement;
  • institute campus-wide, continuous improvement practices based on assessment data; and
  • engage in professional dissemination of content including educational components in grant writing.


  • Director of NEATLE
  • Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs
  • Assistant Dean for Assessment, Compliance and Evaluation
  • Associate Dean for Research
  • Associate Dean for Student Affairs
  • Lecturers
  • Coordinators
  • Platform specialist
  • Grant specialist


  • Develop mid-term evaluations.
  • Explore options and dedicate resources to address student concerns.
  • Create common and consistent policies for College of Engineering with syllabus content.
  • Require all faculty to attend a yearly training on compliance and policy.
  • Implement objective evaluation tools for teacher effectiveness.
  • Create a pathway for excellence in teaching to be recognized and promoted.
  • Require a demonstration of teaching development in yearly evaluations.
  • Establish peer teaching evaluations (college-wide).
  • Ensure teaching efforts are recognized and rewarded.
  • Open communication to share data and engage in campus-wide improvements.
  • Coordinate and improve education elements in grant writing.
  • Maintain platform to share content.