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Innovation Day is May 3, 2024. Explore the 2023 Innovation Day projects using the links below. 

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College of Engineering Students & Faculty
Various scenes from the College of Engineering including faculty delivering lectures, students working on assignments and projects, and machinery and tools being operated in a safe manner.

Senior Capstone Projects

Each year, graduating engineering students work in teams to develop a product that's ready for the marketplace. These senior capstone projects are the highlight of Innovation Day. 

2023 Projects

433 students

104 projects

Seven disciplines

Welcome to Innovation Day 2023

Innovation Day is when College of Engineering seniors showcase innovations, plans and developments that solve real-world problems and/or better our lives. These projects, often done in conjunction with industry partners, are the culmination of work done in senior Capstone courses, which span two semesters and are required for graduation. 

This year, you’ll see 104 projects in seven disciplines: Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Thank you to our Capstone instructors, College of Engineering faculty and external industry advisors, all of whom guided our students as they worked toward their goals. We especially thank our industry sponsors Mr. And Mrs. William R. Berry III; Sierra Nevada Corporation/Fatih and Eren Ozmen; and Southwest Gas Corporation Foundation for their generous support. 

The College of Engineering is focused on student success as well as student engagement — those themes are part of our operational pillars. This aligns with the University’s land-grant mission, as outlined in the 1862 Morrill Land-Grant Act, to improve the lives of Nevadans through teaching, research, and outreach.

Every day, we work to prepare the engineers of the future, who will have a profound impact on our communities, the nation and the world. The projects you see during Innovation Day demonstrate the creativity, intellectual rigor and teamwork needed to address the challenges and needs of the years ahead. We are very proud to present the work of this year’s senior engineering class. Please enjoy the 2023 Innovation Day. 

Head shot of Erick Jones
College of Engineering Dean Erick Jones
Head shot of Indira Chatterjee
College of Engineering Associate Dean Indira Chatterjee

Thank you

Gifts to support senior capstone projects have helped students realize their concepts, including philanthropic support from: 

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Berry III
Sierra Nevada Corporation / Fatih and Eren Ozmen
Southwest Gas Corporation Foundation

Additionally, many companies, organizations, and individuals have provided guidance for the senior capstone projects. These external advisors are crucial to the success of the students.

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