III. Room Consolidation/Accidental Privates

The Department of Residential Life, Housing and Food Service reserves the right to consolidate vacancies that exist in the residence halls. This vacancy consolidation process attempts to ensure that students occupying similar spaces are charged similar rates. If you lose your roommate and there is no waiting list for your residence hall room, you may be contacted by the Residential Life, Housing and Food Service main office. An assignment may be made and a student may move in prior to the time a resident is notified that he or she is receiving a new roommate.

Students occupying a double room and paying a double room rate may be required, if a vacancy occurs in the room, to move to another double room, accept another roommate or pay for the room as an accidental private. Similar policies apply in the case of a triple room assignment. It is the student's responsibility to select the desired roommate (another resident without a roommate) or negotiate who will move to which room. Students remaining in a room alone as a result of refusal to move to another room or to provide a welcoming atmosphere for another roommate will be charged the guaranteed private room rate commencing with the date of single occupancy and could be subject to additional administrative action.

Chapter 6.IV.: Return Housing