II. Room Changes

Information for the room change procedure will be posted in the residence halls. Room changes are dependent upon the availability of spaces. (The student initiating the change will be required to move.) If you would like to request a room change, you must:

A. Discuss the situation with your Resident/Community Assistant (RA/CA), Resident Director (RD)/Graduate Resident Director (GRD) and roommate. 

B. Obtain a Room Change Request Form from your residence hall front desk or the Residential Life, Housing and Food Service main office. 

C. Complete the Room Change Request Form.  

D. Notify your current Resident Director of the requested change and obtain his/her signature. 

E. After completing the form and obtaining all necessary signatures, bring it to the front desk of your residence hall. 

F. If your request is authorized, you will receive a copy of the Room/Status Change Authorization Form from your RA. 

G. If your request is approved, you are required to move by the designated time. Failure to do so will result in an improper checkout charge.

Chapter 6.III.: Room Consolidation/Accidental Privates