Summer Housing Info & Room Rates

Terms and Conditions

Summer housing is available in Argenta Hall only.  The summer daily housing rate, from Friday, May 18th - Thursday, August 16th, is $17.25 for a triple room. All rooms will be offered as triple occupancy only.  Summer accounts must be paid in full prior to check-in. Rates are calculated based on check-in the Sunday prior to the start of each term and you will be charged from this date regardless of when you check in.

The Terms and Conditions of Occupancy are outlined in the License Agreement. Please note: For summer term housing, if a student cancels the license agreement in writing prior to May 1, 2018, all fees except the deposit will be refunded. For cancellations of summer term housing after May 1, 2018, residents must give the Residential Life, Housing, and Food Service Office at least a thirty (30) day notice in writing prior to the departure (or cancellation) date. Residents who fail to give thirty (30) days notice will be charged an amount equal to rent for a thirty (30) day period from the date of written notification.


  • Check-ins will be on the Sunday prior to the start of the term (Saturday for Mini).
  • Check-outs will be at 11:00 am on the last day of each term (Friday for Mini, first, and second)

Housing accommodations are not available after August 16th for students electing not to live on campus for the academic year.

Room Rates for 2018 Summer Term

Security Deposit - $125 (Full refund of the deposit is made only to students who fulfill the License Agreement)

Room Rates for 2018 Summer Term
Contract TermsTriple Room
Full Summer Session
Mini, 1st & 2nd (May 19th - August 16th)
Mini & 1st Only (May 19th - July 13th) $966.00
1st & 2nd Only (June 10th - August 16th) $1173.00
Mini Summer Session (May 19th - June 8th) $362.25
1st Summer Session (June 10th - July 13th) $586.50
2nd Summer Session (July 15th - August 16th) $569.25
Bridge Session I (June 24th - August 16th) $931.50
Bridge Session II (July 1st - August 16th) $810.75

Uninterrupted Housing (Current Spring Residents and/or Future Fall Residents)

For current, on-campus residents living in the halls for the Spring 2018 semester, uninterrupted housing accommodations are available prior to the start of Mini-Term at the rate of $17.25 per day for a triple occupancy room. Summer residents who have signed a 2018-2019 academic year license may also request uninterrupted housing between the end of Second Term and the beginning of the Fall 2018 semester (August 17th - 22nd) at the rate of $33.05 per day for a triple occupancy room only. You will need to add these amounts to the rates listed above to calculate your total cost. If you would like to request uninterrupted housing for either of these time periods you must note this in the appropriate boxes on the housing application. Students will be notified to move to their new rooms prior to the start of fall semester.