Revisions and Appendices

Revisions to Operating Guide

  1. This Operating Guide shall become effective following approval by the Dean.
  2. This Operating Guide may be amended when appropriate. Final approval is by the Dean.


  1. Fund Allocation: Appropriate fund allocations include but are not limited to the following list which consist of items mentioned in the differential fee proposal and support ABET Student Outcome Criteria a-k as noted.
    1. Purchasing equipment and state-of-the-art software as needed (ABET Criteria i, l).
    2. Implementing sustainable laboratory and equipment maintenance plans (ABET Criteria j)
    3. Implementing sustainable laboratory safety plans (ABET Criteria k).
    4. Better equipping and maintaining the Engineering Computer Center and improving its availability, scheduling and efficiency for instruction and research.
    5. Offering funds as needed to establish and maintain hardware and non-academic versions of software required to interact with hi-tech industry.
    6. Hiring technicians and computer system administrators.
    7. Hiring internship/placement coordinators to interact with industry and assist with the identification of internships and placement after graduation.
    8. Generating additional scholarships to assist students with increased higher education costs (allocate at least 15% of the generated revenue).
    9. Hiring additional support staff needed to accommodate the growth.
    10. Hiring additional tenure track faculty (ABET Criteria a-e).
    11. Hiring full or part-time instructors (ABET Criteria a, b, d).
    12. Hiring additional teaching assistants (ABET Criteria f, g).
    13. Offering graduate fellowships (ABET Criteria h).

Ratified: September 20, 2012

Revision Date: July 15, 2016