1. In November, the Differential Tuition Fees Coordinator will send an e-mail soliciting proposals.


  1. The members of the subcommittees will meet:
    1. Fall to welcome new committee members
    2. Spring to review funding proposals and make recommendations to the Dean
  2. Additional e-mail, teleconference, and meetings will be scheduled at the discretion of the Chair, the Dean of the College of Engineering and/or the Differential Fees Tuition Coordinator.


  1. At least 24 hours' notice is required before calling a meeting. Notice includes sending an e-mail to committee members. The Differential Tuition Fee Coordinator will call all meetings.


  1. Meeting minutes will be recorded and maintained by the Differential Tuition Fee Coordinator.

Quorum, minutes

  1. A quorum of the Differential Fees Central Committee shall consist of the Chair and one-half of the voting members.
  2. In the event a member of the Committee is unable to attend a meeting, the Chair of the Committee may appoint a substitute.
  3. Minutes of the meetings shall be reviewed at the next meeting or by e-mail distribution.


  1. The meetings shall adhere to Robert's Rules of Order.