Mobile engineering education lab

We will be providing our Mobile Engineering Education Lab (ME2L) virtually. In addition to our existing lessons, we are a proud to be part of a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant that allows us to expand our solar-water lessons. We are excited to provide this new opportunity and bring the College of Engineering into your classrooms!

Our engineering students facilitate grade-appropriate, interactive lessons. The ME2L program trains University engineering students to foster your students’ curiosity about engineering topics through engaging activities. This will be done via Zoom or you will be given access to recorded lesson videos on FlipGrid. 

For participating in the solar-water lesson, teachers will have an opportunity to sign-up for an additional ME2L lesson of their choice to show our appreciation for your support! 

In an effort to connect students, we offer the following variety of virtual options to engage students in the engineering lessons;

  1. Students at home or in class provide their own supplies and participate in the activity with the University of Nevada, Reno students. 
  2. Students actively observe at home or in class the University of Nevada, Reno students conducting the experiment without supplies.
  3. If the teacher and students are in person together, the teacher demonstrates the activity in class for the students (using their own supplies) along with direction from the University of Nevada, Reno students.

ME2L sign-ups

Due to limited availability, teachers will be allowed two time slots per semester. Lessons will be available October 26th-December 4th. To schedule a ME2L lesson, please contact Samantha Bickert and provide the following information; 

  • Name 
  • Email 
  • School 
  • Grade 
  • Number of Students 
  • Lesson Name (if interested in two lessons, provide two lesson names). (See below for current lessons and descriptions.) 
  • Two Timeslot Preferences

Available Time Slots: 

  • Mondays
    • 11am-12pm 
    • 12:30pm-1:30pm 
  • Tuesdays 
    • 11am-12pm 
    • 1pm-2pm 
  • Wednesdays
    • 1pm-2pm 
    • 2pm-3pm 
  • Thursdays 
    • 11am-12pm 
    • 2pm-3pm 

Current Lessons

Bioengineering a Monster! (Biomedical)

Students become Victor Frankenstein and bioengineer his infamous Monster by creating a double helix for his physical characteristics. Students must then think about how the Monster will live on planet earth: what role the sun - earth’s main source of energy - has in the Monster’s survival, what role water - the main constituent of fluids in all living organisms - has in the Monster’s survival, etc.

Pumpkin Factory (Chemical)

Students must build barriers to protect the nearby river from the leaching chemicals of solar panels in a landfill. A pumpkin fizzes from baking soda and vinegar and students have to stop the fizz from reaching pieces of paper placed nearby. Show students the chemical formulas of baking soda and vinegar and briefly explain the meaning of the chemical equation, such as how the CO2 makes the bubbles.

Program a Frankenstein (Computer Science)

Even Frankenstein likes a hot bath, but he doesn’t know how to heat his water! Students learn how computers understand instructions by writing a series of steps for Frankenstein to follow so that he can heat his bath water. Frankenstein has to charge solar panels in the light of the flashlight, then plug the solar panels into his bathwater heater.

Smores Solar Ovens (Mechanical)

Students make a solar oven and use solar energy to cook a marshmallow and make a smore. Investigates heat generated by solar power. While the marshmallow is cooking, students learn how the power from the sun generates heat and how it is reflected onto the marshmallow.

Aliens Steal the Sun! (Environmental/Marine Lesson)

What would happen if, hypothetically speaking, aliens stole the sun from our galaxy? Students learn all of the ways that the sun provides for life and earth. The students then have to brainstorm ideas for harnessing the energy from geothermal vents in order to replace the energy from the sun and discuss their ideas in groups.

Mining for Treasure (Environmental)

Students “mine” for treasure! Oreos are crushed up and mixed with cut up gummy worms (treasure) in the cup. Students place the cup in the plastic container and fill the container with water. Then using the spoon, students will mine for the treasure. By doing so the Oreo mixture will spill into the water and pollute the water source. Students will see that the area that was mined cannot be put back exactly as it was before and that the water is now contaminated with the Oreos.

Explorers in Engineering After-School Program

The College of Engineering is now offering the most fun and interactive LIVE, online after-school programming for kid's 4th-6th grade! Our engineering sessions are designed to give kids the knowledge, skills, and confidence to thrive in the math and science fields. Hang out with University of Nevada, Reno Engineering students and participate in exciting activities done from your own home! Following the activities, students will be provided with an opportunity to receive math and science support. The curriculum is the same for each week, so please choose the dates that fit best for your family. 

Our program features fun and exciting engineering lessons from UNR students and small group mentoring. We offer an immersive hands-on curriculum where kids can participate in activities individually or in a small group setting. Our comprehensive approach to engineering and the design process takes kids from asking questions to creating their own models. 

We aim to help Nevada students stay focused on math and science, learn about the wide range of career possibilities engineering offers, and see how engineers can change the world!

The program runs from 3:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. Register below:

All of our K-12 outreach programs are made possible through the generous support of The Mallory Foundation, Teichert Foundation and WEDCO. We appreciate their continued support.