Engineering Programs Inspiring the Community (EPIC) Lab

The EPIC Lab provides exciting, hands-on lessons in various topics each semester. This semester we will introduce 6th-8th graders to solar and water concepts. The lesson is the same for each session so choose which date works best with your schedule. This is a free service to the community provided by the College of Engineering. 

What EPIC Lab Offers 

Introduction to Engineering PresentationUNR engineering students talk about what it’s like to be an engineering student and discuss the different types of engineering disciplines. 

High-Quality Instruction: Content is developed by University of Nevada, Reno engineering students. 

Hands-on ActivityParticipants get the opportunity to be engineers and conduct an engineering experiment. 

Social Interaction: Participants will engage in discussions and icebreaker activities. 

Lessons will be available once to twice a month on a Saturday starting September 18th and ending December 4th. Click on one of the links to sign-up!

September 18th: Sibling Saturday! Are you a 6th-8th grader and have a 3rd-5th grade sibling? Join us for a fun morning on campus. 

October 2nd: Mother-Daughter Engineer Day! Let’s celebrate women in engineering. We’ll be conducting experiments and learning what it’s like to be a young woman studying engineering at the University of Nevada, Reno! 

October 16th: Bring a Friend! Do you and a friend have an interest in engineering? Bring a buddy along and learn about solar power and how to live off grid.

November 6th: Father-Daughter Day! Is your dad an engineer or are you a young woman interested in engineering? We'll spend the morning learning about different disciplines and solving problems using solar kits. 

December 4th: Intro to Engineering! Are you new to engineering, but not sure where to get started? Join us for an introduction to engineering presentation followed by engaging engineering activities.

Time: All labs run from 9:00am-11:00am.

Fall 2021 EPIC Lab Lessons

Solar Fan Investigation

Learn about the engineering design process through solar power! Students will be introduced to the basics of engineering design: writing a problem statement, brainstorming solutions, testing a model, and reflecting on those tests. This lesson involves a hands-on lab where students test a solar panel in a variety of scenarios.

Off Grid Living Investigation

This lesson begins with a solar power demonstration which introduces students to the concept of living off grid. Students then receive a lesson on how to use a decision matrix by defining criteria and constraints of a problem. To finish the lesson, students get to use a decision matrix to evaluate different off grid house options.

Recommended age group: 5th grade - 8th grade

All of our K-12 outreach programs are made possible through the generous support of The Mallory Foundation and Nevada Gold Mines. We appreciate their continued support.